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About the PeerSpace Mission

We exist to help companies and individuals find one-of-a-kind short-term space to inspire their best work. Studies show that access to inspiring spaces and changing your work surroundings regularly are key drivers of innovation for all types of professionals. Whether for an off-site or meeting, corporate or social event, or production of any kind, PeerSpace is the first platform to easily find these unique and inspiring places.

To build a thriving marketplace, PeerSpace partners with businesses and other space owners to help them make more efficient use of their space, allowing them to safely and easily share it with other professionals in need. As a result, we enable local businesses to sustain healthy operations and expand their presence within the community.

“Meets a need in one place with multiple options and an easy to use interface. Simple, clear, clever, beautiful – fun.”

Elena West – SVP Marketing, Robert Half International

PeerSpace is a versatile marketplace featuring a variety of locations that were previously underutilized or unavailable to the public. Guests now have the ability to search, message, and book these spaces directly through the PeerSpace platform.

Since launching in March, 2014, over 15,000 hours of successful reservations of “dark space” have been initiated through PeerSpace. Our team is gratified to have worked with hundreds of Hosts and Guests on these creative and inspiring bookings.

To reserve a space for your next off-site, event, or production, sign-up to download our iOS app or get in touch with us directly!

Our Team is Growing

At PeerSpace, our philosophy is that access to creative spaces inspires the development of great products. We’re hard at work building a marketplace for the world’s unique spaces — and having fun while we’re at it!

Everyone on the team makes a meaningful impact on our trajectory. We’re small, but we’re growing, and we’re probably looking for someone like you to help us bring PeerSpace to the world. Interested in joining us?

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