A Press-Worthy Kickoff at The LA Coliseum

With a few months under our belt in LA, PeerSpace Los Angeles has helped a number of Guests take their events to the next level. Here’s one that really caught our eye – our first booking in the iconic LA Coliseum!

LA Coliseum

An independent filmmaker’s dream launch event became a reality with the help of PeerSpace in the LA Coliseum Press Box. Attendees took in views of the LA skyline, lush football field, and historic architecture. The TVs located throughout the press box showed a trailer of his new film project and enticed investors and friends to rally in support of finishing the production.


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If you want to make a statement with your next launch event or company party, check out the USC Coliseum’s listing. You can rent the field, press box, peristyle, or unleash your inner Trojan in the locker room (football players not included).

Other Space Highlights
  • Unbeatable view from the award-winning press box
  • A glimpse of Olympic and American sports history
  • 30 miles of seats have held the largest events ever
  • Space to gather under the timeless peristyle arches


We love seeing innovators and creatives bring their ideas to life. Check out The War You Don’t See to support this PeerSpace Guest.

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