Get Creative with an Alternative Wedding Venue

Find out how this San Francisco couple used an alternative wedding venue for their unique and budget friendly wedding.

Discovering the right venue was one of the biggest Big Day issues for Peter and his wife Ryoko. To solve the problem, the couple turned to PeerSpace. We caught up with Weber to find out about how he used an alternative wedding venue for his special day.

What were you looking for in terms of space? What was your vision?

We were looking for a small/medium sized venue that would fit around 40 people. We wanted a space that was clean, in a convenient location, affordable, did not require an all-day reservation, and where we could bring in our own food and beverages.

What space did you find? What neighborhood was it in?

We actually had another space that we had found through some Airbnb back channels, but it fell through. We looked at some other venues, but most were out of our price range and/or had hidden fees.

Out-of-the-Box24 We found PeerSpace by searching for “event space wedding”. It was exactly the service we needed to locate the “out of the box” location of our dreams. The team at PeerSpace worked with us to find the perfect space. We loved this production studio in the Mission when we visited. It met all of our requirements and more.

How did you transform the space?

We honestly did not have to do much to the space, chairs were set up, and it was good as is. We loved the photos we were able to capture with the white background. It really made them turn out great. Our guests stood out and it made it appear as if we had spent a lot of money on our venue.

What were your favorite characteristics of the venue?

The Host was great and the simple white background was the best for the photos. The upstairs area was a perfect spot for my wife to hang out and prepare. The small garden was also great to relax in and amazing for photos.

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