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Back to the School: Classroom Style Seating

You don’t have to still be a student to expand your skills – a unique space with classroom style seating can be a very effective learning environment.

Summer has flown by. It’s back to school – and not just for kids. They say you’re never to old to learn, so it’s no surprise that workshops and presentations have become popular options in offices and organizations seeking to bring new ideas together. It’s been proven that different types of seating are more effective in different environments, and perhaps none are more conducive to learning than classroom style seating. This allows people in the room to sit facing towards a speaker or presentation, take notes, and look at distributed materials. If you are looking to achieve unique results with your team or spearhead your own educational gathering, these great spaces with classroom setups in LA and San Francisco are sure to make any pupil a star.

Los Angeles
San Francisco
For the best classroom style seating, follow these proven best practices:

Check Your Exits

There’s nothing worse than people arriving late or leaving a presentation early. Disruptions caused by latecomers or people who have to leave can cause disruptions. To have a smooth flow of traffic, set up the room so that entrances are along the rear of the seating area, and along the back and sides of the room.

Plan Your Aisles

Leave enough space between the seats so when people walk between rows there is enough space for them to move comfortably. Also, if people do have to come in late or leave early, they will have enough room to walk by without making an entire row stand up. You want to make sure when sitting, they won’t feel like they are too close to the person in front of them.

Consider the View

You want everyone sitting down to be able to clearly see the presenter.  This isn’t always possible, but if it is, this will present the best viewing angle for the audience. When choosing space requirements and planning seating of Guests, think about if you will have an AV setup, which can affect the seating.  If necessary, plan around pillars, beams and any low-hanging chandeliers.

Curious about other spaces with classroom style seating for Off-Sites, workshops and presentations?

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