Bay Area Location Scout On Your Phone

Local filmmaker uses the PeerSpace App as his go to Bay Area location scout.

According to SF-based film editor and director Aaron Adeleke, location is everything. So when the SAE Institute alum was seeking the perfect space for his last shoot, he turned to PeerSpace. We caught up with Adeleke to chat more about his process and how PeerSpace solved his need for a bay area location scout. You can check out some of his work here.

What’s your passion and how did you get started?

I’m passionate about making films (movies, short film, docs, music videos etc) that move, excite, and inspire audiences.

After graduating from SAE Institute in London with a BA Honors in film, I started shooting free or cheap music videos for musician pals looking to promote their work. From there, the business grew via word of mouth. I invested in better gear and locations to start producing better quality videos.

What’s your favorite part of the video making process?

I love post production. I really enjoy editing and grading to mask the mistakes and tell the story in the way I want it to be told.


Let’s chat location. Talk about the scouting process: easy to find a great spot or super tedious? Are there good resources to help?

Finding a great space takes time. There’s a pretty fair amount of research, traveling, and exploring involved and unless I specifically know a place, can take anywhere from three days to a couple weeks to find the right spot. Not to mention the long process to legally go through securing permissions to shoot on certain property without any hassle.

Location is ever so important when making a film as it can make or break the production. It adds an element to the story or message you are trying to tell and supports the imagination more than you would think.

PeerSpace is actually the first online vendor that I’ve used to location scout. It helped to considerably cut down my search time from a couple weeks to a few days. I loved that all permissions to shoot are included in the locations.
Bay Area Location Scout Studio

Behind-The-Scenes1 How did you use PeerSpace? What was your experience like?

PeerSpace has been absolutely brilliant and efficient to use. Their service was fantastic on my last shoot: within a day or two I was in contact with the owner of the space I was interested in, secured it, and had the chance to also check it out weeks prior to the shoot. Bonus: it looked just like the picture.

Search for your dream venue without trekking all over town with Peerspace’s extensive listings. For more information, download the app or get in touch.