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When PeerSpace launched in March of 2014, our goal was to help people find creative and unique spaces to inspire their best work. We partnered with businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area to maximize the use of their space, allowing them to safely and easily share it with other professionals. Several months and hundreds of bookings later, we have learned so much about what makes the PeerSpace experience a memorable one. We are now ready to bring the service to a new area. Today, PeerSpace officially opens the marketplace with Spaces in Los Angeles.

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into this exciting second market and continue connecting people with creative, short-term workspaces. From intimate Venice-based art galleries to in industrial Echo Park filmmaking labs to the massive and historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, our L.A. listings offer a fresh alternative to traditional meeting, event, and production spaces. You can also now browse and book any of our spaces online.

Spaces In Los Angeles

Our Goals For The Los Angeles Launch

At PeerSpace, we are committed to helping small businesses grow and to support people’s innovative and creative projects, passions, and pursuits. With L.A. being the epicenter of the entertainment world, it was a no-brainer for PeerSpace to open operations here.

Whether you’re part of the bustling start-up scene of Silicon Beach or involved in Hollywood’s fast-paced film industry (or anything in-between), you probably have a somewhat regular need to access unique spaces for work. Luckily, the region features hundreds of giant sound stages, repurposed beautiful art deco buildings, and unique art galleries, most of them previously private. We’re debuting with a curated list of nearly 100 spaces in Los Angeles and will continue to add more unique venues daily. Creative professionals will be able to book the perfect venue for everything from team meetings and fashion shows to casting sessions and photo shoots.

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Our Los Angeles spaces epitomize the eclectic, electric diversity of the city. Case in point: Host Hayley’s Venice-based gallery, which is equipped with a system which allows for paintings to be hung and moved with ease. Ideal for everything from a pop-up dinner to a meeting location,this space is loaded with natural light and is also a storefront.

Los Angeles Launch Events

Coffee Spaces In Los Angeles On Wednesday, January 28th, you can meet members of the L.A. PeerSpace team in Santa Monica outside 1450 2nd Street where we’ll be serving up free Shreebs cold brews and showing off some of our great spaces.

On Thursday, January 29th, we’ll be with our pals at Shreeb’s again, but this time in DTLA (cross-streets TBD).

Friday, January 30th, we’ll be at the Silicon Beach Expo at LMU, where we’ll be giving away a $300 PeerSpace credit!

For more information about PeerSpace or to take a closer look at our new L.A. listings, visit

If you can’t tell, we’re incredibly excited to be sharing spaces in Los Angeles! Need help finding a space? Get in touch with our Concierge Team!