Brainstorm Session Productivity Tips

Booking a brainstorm session at a new location is one of the best ways to make space for creativity to flourish. Once you’ve locked down an inspiring off-site location it’s time to make an agenda and plan the activities for the day. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of your session:

Get everyone involved. Large group sizes can make it difficult for all voices to be heard. Encourage participation of every employee by first breaking down into smaller groups. Give each time a topic and a time period to draft up ideas. Share the ideas at a presentation at the end of the group.

Brainstorm Session Space

Keep it casual. Formal meetings and stuffy conference settings can really stifle creativity. Chose a space that’s open and spacious and keep the room well stocked with snacks, grab and go lunch, and turn the event into more of a hang out than a business function. The relaxed vibe will encourage people to get comfortable.

Act like your customers. Spend the day walking through your customer’s shoes. Identify all your serious targets (soccer moms, hip couples) and act like the customers who will be using the product.

Move around. Loosen up with active breaks. Play a game, bust into spontaneous dance, or take a mini field trip to grab lunch. By relaxing for a brief moment, you’ll refocus the creative energy and return ready and charged with great new ideas.

Use colored Post-Its. Bust into teams and spend the time drafting ideas on extra large Post-it notes. After a designated time period, delegate one member to present the idea and post the notes on a giant whiteboard for everyone to see. Have one team member collect them all at the end and type up so everyone has a reference of what was presented.


An effective brainstorm session can help kick off a new initiative or push through the final barriers of difficult project. If you need more inspiration or help planning your off-site send an email to our concierge team and we’ll get you all set up! To find a unique brainstorm session space, sign up for PeerSpace and start browsing today.