7 Crash-Worthy Holiday Party Ideas From Creative Companies


When it’s time to start planning your company’s holiday party, nailing down logistics might come as second nature — it’s brainstorming a unique theme that takes real ingenuity. To help you make this year’s company holiday party stand out, we asked event planners from Kickstarter, POPSUGAR, and other innovative companies to share their favorite holiday party ideas from years past. From a pine tree forest to lighting the venue in the company’s brand colors, these event planners went above and beyond to create a memorable night.

For inspiration, here are some of the most creative ideas to help get you into the planning holiday spirit.


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Photography by Charuk Studios from Wild Hearts Conference 


1. Christmas Tree Forest

My favorite idea was to essentially bring in a forest of pine trees into the office. Everyone could walk through the forest throughout the night and even take one home with them. Another year, we hired a live swing band and dancers for a Cuban themed night. The music, Cubano sandwich stations, and mojitos made for a nice warm state of mind right in the midst of a snowy December in Brooklyn.”

— Melissa Wong, Events and Operations Assistant, Kickstarter


2. Pretty in Pink

“For the Winter party, we lit the venue up in POPSUGAR pink, which used to be our corporate color, and even brought in a matching pink carpet! The employees felt like royalty with a real sense of pride when turning a corner and seeing the building come to life!”

— Marnell Mullarkey, Senior Operations Manager, POPSUGAR




3. A Party Out of This World

“Every year, the AdRoll team votes on the theme for our holiday party. Since everyone was so excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out, we decided to put “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away” as one of the possible themes. We didn’t think it would actually win, but it did! It ended up being a very fun theme to execute on. We had 3D mapping of galaxies projected on the walls and space themed food (including flying saucer sliders and star-shaped mac n’ cheese). The employees who were voted our Rollers of The Year were knighted as jedis with jedi robes and a good number of our team dressed in costume to keep with theme. The party was truly out of this world!”

— Lizzy Lear, Global Head of Office Experience, AdRoll  


4. Cirque du Soleil  

“Our Cirque du Soleil theme was my favorite part of our holiday party last year. This meant guests were always entertained, relaxed, and it gave everyone a unique holiday party experience. Guests even got to take photos with the performers!”

— Sarah Russel, Operations Coordinator, NerdWallet




5. Artwork Comes to Life

“We thought it would be cool for employees to search Redbubble, choose an artwork they loved, and design a costume inspired by it. It was an awesome way to engage with the amazing work created by the artists on the marketplace and to get us to flex our creative muscles. Plus, who doesn’t love dressing up?”

— Eddie, Redbubble


6. Giving Back

The coolest thing we do is to incorporate a way to give back to the community. We’re fortunate enough to be able to come together at the end of the year to celebrate one another and a job well done. We want to pass this good fortune on. We’ve done this via a donation to local non-profits to play in our onsite casino as well as donating the leftover food, decorations—anything that would be worthwhile to receive!

— Lauren Lee, Manager of Events and Experiences, Dropbox


7. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

“At Philz, we are thoughtful about sustainability and minimizing waste. With that in mind, we got really creative with décor for our last company party by recycling items found in our roasting plant. We used coffee bean sacks to create hand painted banners, coffee beans as vase fillers, and coffee filters to create flower centerpieces. It was also a really fun way to get others involved in the process! These kinds of “projects” have a way of fostering team building.”

— Jolie Meschi, Events and Special Projects Manager, Philz Coffee        


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