#MadeinPeerspace: GEOMETRY Dance Company’s Contemporary Masterpiece


Congrats to Kenzie Crosley and the talented dancers at GEOMETRY who won April’s #MadeinPeerspace contest. Kenzie booked this empty warehouse to film a contemporary dance video choreography for the Capezio A.C.E. Awards and results are breathtaking.  


“It’s exciting when you’re on set and everything comes together so perfectly!” 



The winning photo

Watch the full contemporary dance video.


The big idea

The video plays into the concept of self-expression, individuality, and defying social norms. “I was inspired with the idea of an individual trying to step outside of social conformity.” Kenzie says, “She/he can lay down in the bed of normalcy, complacency, safety . . or step outside of the confines of societal structures to find their own voice.  


“I was also inspired by the visuals of sea anemones, and their confinement in a shared base, but individuality in each separate tentacle.”




The space

This massive Los Angeles warehouse ended up being the perfect backdrop for their dance video. Kenzie says, “I chose this location because I wanted something spacious and open, but also felt closed off, tied down. . . to echo the sentiment of the video concept.” Kenzie and her team took advantage of the textured wall to add a vibrant and rich backdrop.

So what’s next for Kenzie and Geometry Dance Company?

“I am excited to produce another dance concept video, different direction, different idea.”




Photographer: Saskia Kivilo

Videographer: Nathan Kim

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