A Creative Meeting Space For Y Combinator Alumni

What defines the PeerSpace experience? We are learning more about the answer to that question with every new reservation that takes place. At the core of PeerSpace is a strong desire to provide productive inspiration on demand. More and more, Guests are inspiring each other when they book a creative meeting space on the marketplace.

Last weekend, startup veteran and successful entrepreneur, Arthur Chang, used PeerSpace to hold a discussion about technology and innovation in photography. The Y Combinator alumnus secured a creative meeting space on the marketplace and invited colleagues and business partners to brainstorm in the comfort of the creative loft. The flexible space provided them with the collaborative setting that sparked a successful meeting.

Our number one goal when a startup professional like Arthur uses PeerSpace is to ensure they have an exceptional experience that inspires great work. Meeting spaces like the one pictured below create memorable moments for teams big and small.


Every day, Guests are energized by the creative spaces they book on the marketplace and the stories that come with them. Every space is different. Every Host, unique. That’s part of what makes the PeerSpace experience unforgettable.

At last, entrepreneurs have access to previously private, one-of-a-kind venues that fit their passions. If you are involved in an interesting project and are in need of space, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!