DIY wedding ideas (and why crafting makes you happier)

A Peerspace collaboration with Darby Smart

It’s everyone’s dream to see the many components of a wedding come together perfectly on their big day. But did you know that studies show creating makes you happier? Even if you have an amazing wedding venue and wedding planner, you’ll get added enjoyment by contributing to the decoration process. In this post, we break down why DIY-ing can make you happier and how you can add some unique aspects to your wedding venue. And that’s not all – we collaborated with Darby Smart to find the best DIY wedding ideas to get you started.  

Seek inspiration

Studies actually show that merely viewing art – let alone crafting it yourself! – has a physiological reaction that results in feelings of pleasure – similar to romantic love. Make a board or collage of all the elements that inspire your wedding. From the incredible space you want to host it in to fashion for your dress to photos of your nephew (ringbearer, anyone?), nothing that sparks creativity is off limits.

Create and enjoy

What’s more, the connection between the creative process of making art and personal happiness has been proven. According to psychologists, the creative process is in itself a source of joy for most people. Tapping into your creative powers will help alleviate some of the stress of planning a wedding and add a personalized touch to the day – while providing you with incredible memories of creating along the way.

Make it social

One of the best parts of DIY-ing your wedding is that you can bring in your friends and family to help you. If you are creating a photo montage of you and your fiance, you’ll love going through old pictures with family members and swapping stories as you curate your favorites. Have a friend who has a hobby of doodling or calligraphy? Invite her over for some bonding time – and address envelopes while you are at it! You’ll have fun including your friends and loved ones in the process leading up to the wedding while also making them feel more apart of your life.

Want to try DIY? Here are the top five ways you can add easy DIY elements using Darby Smart, who makes DIYing accessible, fun (and affordable!) for your wedding!

DIY wedding ideas polaroid camera

DIY wedding ideas photo booth accessories

DIY wedding ideas table decoration

  • Firefly Votives will add some whimsy and sparkle to bar tables long into the night

DIY wedding ideas candles

  • Geometric Succulent Terraniums will add an element of edge – and urban sophistication –  to your table decor. And the best part?  They will look good in your house after the event.

DIY wedding ideas terrarium

From finding a dream location on the Peerspace marketplace to making sure all of your friends and family are able to eat, drink and dance the night away, our concierge is here to help you make you achieve your ideal wedding weekend. Get in touch today.