Plan Like a Pro: 12 Apps Shaking Up the Event Industry

Do you need to order booze within an hour? What about finding a photographer on demand? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. These days, technology makes event planning easier than ever with an assortment of services that do the heavy lifting for you. Instead of searching aimlessly on the web for the right photographer or venue, you can choose a vetted selection from trusted sources. Since things don’t always go according to plan, these apps also have built in customer support so you have backup if things go wrong.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite apps that will make party planning a pinch. Get ready to head to the App Store stat.

1. Spread the word through Splash

Once you’ve nailed down a date, spread the word using Splash, the all-in-one event marketing platform. Splash allows you to build beautifully designed branded event pages and emails with their blog-based design tools. You can edit the event invitation to make it personalized to fit with your brand’s colors and even white label the URL so guests won’t know you built it with Splash.

2. Find a photographer with Pretty Instant

User generated content is a great way to engage within the community, but sometimes Instagram photos won’t cut it. Pretty Instant is a pro-photography marketplace that sends already vetted photographers your way. Instead of having to sift through online portfolios, Pretty Instant does the heavy lifting for you. Also, they won’t charge you until you’re 100% satisfied with the results.

3. Get errands done through Hello Alfred

The last thing busy event planners consider outsourcing someone else to do the laborious errands before an event. Hello Alfred takes care of everything for you, including picking up dry cleaning, buying decor, you name it. Their vetted list of Alfreds can check those annoying tasks off your to-do list leaving you time for the important stuff.

4. Remove distractions with Yondr

“Be here now” is the vision behind Yondr, the service that allows venues to create phone-free spaces. Celebrities like Alicia Keys and Dave Chappelle have already tried Yondr to encourage fans to put their phone away and enjoy the show. Depending on the objective of your event, Yondr could be a unique approach that gets guests to be present instead of attached to their smartphones.

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5. Find a unique venue with Peerspace

We’re especially keen on this one. Finding a venue for your event doesn’t have to be a laborious task, just download the Peerspace app to find the perfect venue. We’re talking rooftops, art galleries, historical venues, and more. Once you find a space, you can also book catering, A/V, and more through our Concierge Services ([email protected]).

6. Let your guests be the DJ through Festify

Picking the right playlist for an event is a surefire way to define the mood. But it’s hard to know what your guests will want to hear. Let guests be the DJ through Festify, a Spotify-powered, modern day jukebox app that lets them choose which music should be played using their smartphones. Just create a party code and then guests get to vote on which tracks should be played.

7. Order beverages on demand with Saucey

Need alcohol delivered in less than an hour? Well, Saucey has got you covered. With over 44,000 products, they’re cheaper and more convenient than going to the local store. They even have mixers and snacks, so your guests will be properly boozed up and well fed.

8. Step up your social game through Snapchat filters

Setting up on-demand Snapchat geofilters is a fun way to generate more social chatter at your event. You can upload your artwork and pick a time and a geofence so guests can promote the event to their Snapchat friends. Just make sure guests know about the filter ahead of time so they can snap away.

9. Ship things fast with Shyp  

The struggle of dealing with packaging, shipping, and tracking are all inconveniences you shouldn’t have to worry about. Let Shyp handle the logistics for you in a timely manner. The courier comes directly to you so you don’t have to worry about making it to the post office in time.

10. Ditch the parking search with Luxe Valet

Depending on your event’s location, in most cities parking can be a nightmare. Take the stress out of finding parking for your guests with Luxe Valet, the on-demand valet service.   

11. Arrive in style with Buster

When you want guests to get the red carpet treatment, they should arrive in style. Buster let’s you choose from a variety of buses, limos, and vans to find you the cheapest option that fits your needs.

12. Make your event safe with Bannerman

Need help checking guests in or maybe you just want extra protection the day of the event? Meet Bannerman, the service that offers same-day security guards in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Let them be your eyes and ears the day of the event so you can relax and have fun.

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