How Blue Apron Brought the Farm to New York City

We’ve heard of farm-to-table, but the team at Blue Apron took this food movement to new heights with its farm-to-rooftop soirée. Blue Apron provides all the ingredients you need to prepare meals at home, making it easier than ever to eat healthy, especially for those of us constantly on the go. In line with its mission, the events team wanted to give employees a special homemade meal and planned a rooftop dinner for their employees where they could escape the madness of Manhattan in an urban oasis overlooking the New York skyline.

KT016568-131Photography by Keri Tan Photography

Instead of going the traditional restaurant route, they wanted to source a seasonal menu straight from its suppliers for the whole team to enjoy together. We talked to Lindsay McCary, the events production manager, who said, “The purpose was not only hearing from our vendors and experts in the field, but also to keep everyone connected with one another by bringing them together outside of work for a really engaging and fun event.”

While we didn’t get to taste what looked like an unforgettable meal, we were lucky enough to see the stunning photos from the event. See our favorites below and check out more #MadeInPeerspace moments.

Check out the rooftop terrace Blue Apron booked for for their farm-to-table dinner




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When asked why they chose this Midtown rooftop venue, Lindsay replied, “We were on the hunt for an outdoor space that could accommodate the farm-to-table feel we were going for. We’d envisioned a bright, open space where we could have long, beautiful wood tables, lit by bistro lights, and this space fit our vision.”

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