Shoedazzle’s Creative Team Takes Us Inside Their Cabin Fever Lookbook

If you could walk a mile in Shoedazzle’s Cabin Fever collection, where would you go? That’s exactly the question the team at Shoedazzle asked when planning this lookbook shoot. Instead of just selling shoes, the fashion brand showcased a lifestyle. Creative Director, Jimmy Matsuki, said, “We wanted to show a girl who loves getting glammed up even on her Winter escape. For this cabin shoot, we tried to show elements of her sophistication while still being cozy.”

From choosing the right model to finding a space that would capture this wintery aesthetic, every detail mattered. Learn more about the lookbook from Associate Producer, Kristen Dunn, and Creative Director, Jimmy Matsuki to see how it all came together.


What was the concept for this lookbook shoot?  

The concept for this shoot was Cabin Fever, a collection for Winter Escapes. Our mood board was planned about a month in advance of shooting and included core colors such as Tapioca, Shadow Grey, Sequoia, and other key fashion trends happening in the month of December. We drew on the colors and fashion trends to concept what type of location we were looking for as well as styling, model choice, lighting, and hair and makeup.

What drew you to the LA Modern Beach Cabin?

We were drawn to the LA Modern Beach Cabin because it encompassed rich wooden textures. We scouted the location and learned from the owner he hand-built his cabin and really took the time to find different wood to lay throughout the house. The outside of the house is lined with a deeper and polished wood textures while the inside has a lighter and roughed texture that really caught our eye. We fell in love with the architecture of the space and booked it!

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How did you go about choosing the model Emory Ault?

After deciding we wanted to shoot at the cabin location we wanted to find a model that could tell the story of a sophisticated model off duty enjoying her Winter escape in the cabin. We felt Emory defined this persona with the darker sleek tones of her hair and eyes which gave her a very sophisticated look as well as her facial expressions which show she is cozy and enjoying her weekend escape from the city.

What are some tips for showcasing a lifestyle, not just selling a product?

Since we are a shoe company, our main focus is to make the shoes come to life by giving the shoe a story and direction. We ask questions like “Where is our model going in those shoes?” and “What is she doing when she gets there?” These questions help us determine what poses,type of model, environment, and story we want to create with our shoes.

What advice would you give someone planning a lookbook shoot to ensure it’s a success?

Once you’ve decided on the concept, it’s important to scout a location before shooting. This is a chance to see the space and how it will fit into the story you’re telling. By scouting the location, you can map out shots and prepare yourself for any mishaps that might take place. As a producer you want to make sure everyone on your team can enter the location with ease and begin their work in a timely fashion. Scouting helps you know what the space not only looks like, but how to set your team up for success.

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