13 Unexpected and Striking Venues to Host Your Holiday Party

It may still be Summer, but your company’s holiday party will be here in no time. Because nobody gets excited about sharing eggnog around the conference table, get a head start and find a holiday party venue that gets your guests excited to attend.

From a luxury garage warehouse to a spacious distillery, these unique venues are some of our favorites to celebrate a year well done.  


1. Historic Theatre In Dtla, Los Angeles  

This historic theatre in Central LA provides the perfect versatile space to cater to any party. This venue’s versatile indoor and outdoor space provides ample room to transform it to fit your vision. 


2. Versatile Studio and Event Space, Manhattan 

This venue in Lower Manhattan offers an exclusive studio for all types of events. Provided staff and numerous amenities are at the ready so the party goes off without a hitch and all guests leave delighted.


3. Modern Industrial Loft in Ballard, Seattle

Who knew that a renowned craftsman’s former space would make for the perfect party venue? This beautifully restored loft in Seattle not only provides a look back in history, but offers various amenities such as a full service kitchen and elegant dining options to make for an unforgettable event.


4. West Side Event Space, Culver City

If your attendees want something unexpected, book this event space filled with unique art installations and recording studios. With over 5,000 square feet, there are endless possibilities to make your party a memorable one.

West Side Event Space, Culver City


5. Historical Architectural Loft Space, New York

Take your guests back in time in the De Vinne Press building located in the heart of Noho. The exposed brick and historical architectural framework means little-to-no sprucing needed on your end.

Historical Architectural Loft Space, New York


7. Modern Garage Warehouse, San Francisco

We guarantee this is the most luxurious garage you’ve ever seen. This 3000 sq. ft. warehouse offers a two-story open floor plan allowing guests the flexibility to mingle and move around throughout the night.

Luxurious garage


8. Creative Event Space With Bar and Skylight, New York

This space in Midtown, New York is sure to leave your guests inspired. Whether you’re overlooking the city during cocktail hour or enjoying an elegant catered dinner, this venue is perfect for all occasions.  


9. Upscale Flair, Downtown Charm VenueSanta Ana

This elegant space looks like it’s straight out of the early 1900’s and exudes a sophisticated aesthetic. Operated by one of Southern California’s most sought-after catering and events company, this private venue is guaranteed to wow your guests. 


10. River North Art Gallery, Chicago

With bright red walls, your holiday party is destined to make a statement in this gallery. This contemporary art gallery presents an industrial yet polished vibe for a truly unique venue.

River North Art Gallery, Chicago


11. Sophisticated North Beach Event Space, San Francisco

If you’re looking for a venue that brings on the wow-factor, your search ends here. This space has hosted performances from jazz legends like Miles Davis, James Moody, and Johnny Coltrane so you know your holiday party is in for a special night.

North Beach jazz venue


 11. Modern Craft Distillery, Los Angeles

This spacious distillery will offer a unique vibe to any company party, especially during the holidays. If you’re searching for a night filled with food trucks, craft beer, and good times, this is the spot for you.

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