How to Find Your 2nd Address Home For Extended Business Trips

Hosting an event in a remote location comes its own set of challenges, especially when you have to arrange housing accommodations for employees in that new city. If employees have to be there for thirty days or more, hotels are often much more expensive and lack a lot of the comforts of home. Wouldn’t a private apartment with unique style, a full kitchen and maybe even a washer/dryer be a better fit?

We’ve partnered with 2nd Address, a marketplace for monthly furnished business travel housing. They’re on a mission to make finding and leasing the best monthly corporate housing easier. Here are a couple of our favorite examples:

1) Two bedroom luxury home

Los Angeles_Homesuite

This two bedroom home nestled into the Hollywood hills near Dodger Stadium is one of our favorites. In addition to this incredible deck, this modernized bungalow boasts a jacuzzi, black granite countertops, washer/dryer, dressing room, and a fireplace.

2) Two bedroom apartment with a view

San Francisco_378657_55961806_15

With an expansive deck overlooking the Bay Bridge, this two bedroom apartment is located in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district. Other amenities include free parking, dishwasher, doorman, and hardwood floors.

So what kind of business traveler uses 2nd Address?

Shaymus is a professional golf course designer. While helping design Winged Foot Golf Course in Mamaroneck, NY, he needed a place nearby for six to eight weeks. He booked a 1BR nearby in White Plains, NY. He enjoyed the onsite gym, rooftop deck, doorman service and the fact that the Metro-North train station was within walking distance.

For those on a tight budget, there are several less expensive options like multi-bedroom units to share. While sharing a hotel room with a coworker on a trip isn’t everyone’s favorite idea, sharing a big, luxurious apartment or house is a great way to get extra a premium experience on a budget. If you can share amenities like a garage or even a pool, that would take your comfort and convenience to a whole new level.

From finding employee housing to booking unique meeting spaces, short-term rental has never been easier.