How to Host a Successful Meetup Group

Organizing a successful meetup requires more than just gathering a group of like-minded souls. You will need to do everything from bringing on guest speakers to locating a space conducive to your members’ specific needs.

PeerSpace Guests have been using the marketplace to find unique and unconventional venues that adapt to their meetup group. — spaces with full kitchens for foodies, empty industrial spaces for screenings and modern photo studios for artists. We’ve pulled together our top suggestions for how to make your meetup a memorable one.  

1. Take time to greet new members properly. Take the time to personalize introductions and make each member feel special. 

2. Stay organized. People are looking at you to be the leader. Go the extra mile to assure members that you are on top of your game: send out reminders, respond promptly to messages, moderate conversations and keep all information up to date.

3. Select a space that fits the group. Location is one of the most important and difficult parts of planning a successful meetup. Choose a centrally located venue with easy access from public transport and nearby parking options. Hosting a group of photographers? Use PeerSpace to seek out a photo friendly loft with plenty of room. Teaching a new language? Look for a venue with tables, good acoustics, and room to learn.

4. Encourage members to get social. Create an agenda and reserve a good amount of time for networking or include an optional activity (plan a meal, take a walk, or schedule a field trip to a museum) where members can get to know each other.

5. Don’t forget fuel. Most attendees go to meetups right after work. Keep people happy and energized by ordering food or making sure there are snacks and beverages on hand.

6. Publicize your group. Recruit guest speakers and designate a specific focus for your group to draw in members and raise awareness. Ask speakers to help you promote the event on their social channels.

7. Follow-ups are key. Send out a note after the meetup to thank everyone for attending. Include links to related topics of interest, share details for the next event, or start a discussion to keep everyone looking forward to next time.

If you need more inspiration for your meetup or want help finding the perfect space, send a note to the PeerSpace Concierge Team.

You can also join our Meetup group, Bay Area Non-Tech Startups where you’ll be able to meet other non-tech entrepreneurs, increase your network and find support from our members.