How to plan a successful offsite

Don’t miss a beat with The Definitive Guide to Offsite Planning.

In order to create the offsite you are after – one that will have lasting, positive effects for you and your team – it’s important to recognize that the foundation is built before the offsite occurs. The key to a successful company retreat lies in planning ahead.

To ensure the event runs smoothly, it needs to have been planned perfectly with clear objectives and goals. Keep in mind the retreat should be a balance of team building and leadership and the schedule will influence how this dynamic plays out.

Solidify your goals for the retreat and create an agenda that reflects and reinforces those goals. From finding a unique space that will boost your team’s creativity to bringing in the best catering to keep them fueled, there are many components of planning an offsite that can’t be overlooked.

Whether you are a veteran offsite planner or embarking on scheduling the first offsite for your team, The Definitive Guide to Offsite Planning will step you through the entire process of with an actionable checklist.