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Introducing the Host Referral Program

Just a few years ago, it’s hard to believe we could fit every Peerspace host around one kitchen table. We’re pleased to say that’s no longer the case with over 3,000 hosts opening up their doors across the United States. 

Much of that growth was thanks to hosts like you believing in Peerspace and talking to friends and neighbors about your experience. That’s why, we’re saying ‘thank you’ for every host you refer to Peerspace.


Here’s how the program works:

You now have a personal link that you can share with people you think will make a great Peerspace host. You can post this link to Facebook or Twitter, send an email, make a phone call—whatever is easiest for you.

After the person you invite signs up, lists their space, and gets booked, you’ll get paid. In fact, you’ll make 5% of what they earn for the first 90 days (see our full terms). So if they they make $10,000, you get $500.

We set up the program with no cap on rewards so that you can share fully in the success of the hosts you bring to Peerspace.


Here’s how to start: 

  1. Go to
  2. Think of everyone you know who owns or manages a unique space. This could be a photo studio, event space, or even someone’s apartment or home.
  3. Send them your personal referral link and tell them about Peerspace.
  4. Help them put together their listing. Give them pointers on all the questions you had when you were first starting out. 
  5. When their space goes live and they get their first booking request, talk them through how to host an event. What can they do to help guests have a great experience?
  6. Finally, it’s payday. You get paid, they get paid, and you can celebrate together.

That’s the kind of community that Peerspace is: hosts helping hosts.

We can’t do it without you.

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