Design Your Event in the MaRS Contemporary Art Exhibition Space

Book a historic Los Angeles prohibition-era distillery, turned contemporary art exhibition space.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has experienced a rich history – especially during the time of prohibition. While the rest of the city was forced to go dry with prohibition laws, in hidden pockets of downtown LA, the party never stopped.

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Perhaps no location was as scandalous and storied as what is now the gorgeous and sophisticated MaRS gallery. The brick structure was built in 1923 and was known affectionately as “The Flats” by patrons who used it as an alcohol bottling and distillery plant. The last occupant, before purchase by MaRS, was an illegal marijuana nursery – a fact which became known only after a heat lamp fire burned down everything but the brick walls. The renovation of the space, which retained the brick walls and fire-scarred floors, was based on the study of ancient temple architecture.
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The current exhibition space, which features unique, moonlight-balanced lighting and a 700-square foot succulent garden, provides a sleek backdrop to event Hosts seeking a unique space.  From the moment you walk into the gallery through a thousand-pound, ten-foot-by-eight-foot single-pane of glass, you will know you are in a one-of-a-kind space. It’s no surprise that Guests have ranged from private parties seeking an awe-inspiring location, to artistic events seeking a sophisticated, curated space. While its days of prohibition might have finally dried up, it’s clear that this contemporary art exhibition space will continue to play Host to people seeking to make history.

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