#MadeInPeerspace: The BBC’s Brexit Broadcast

Nothing makes us happier than seeing new and inventive ways people are creating impactful moments in Peerspace locations. We have seen everything from marriage proposals to artist meetups, and we are constantly amazed by the experiences that unfold in our spaces.

As a way to capture more of these moments and share them with the world, we recently started the #MadeInPeerspace hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. So far, our news feed has been flooded with images of Peerspace locations that are sparking innovation, inspiring creativity and helping people make memorable moments with each other.

Explore unique production locations in London

It is these glimpses into the Peerspace experience that was the impetus behind our #MadeInPeerspace contest. For the next few weeks, we are calling on our Peerspace guests to share their favorite photo from a Peerspace venue and post it to Instagram and Twitter with the #MadeInPeerspace hashtag. You can check out full details of the contest and learn about how you can win a dream Peerspace event of your own here.

We will also be sharing some of our favorite #MadeInPeerspace moments throughout the month. One of the more topical recent examples comes to us from none other than Europe’s most influential news organization, the BBC.

Broadcast Production BBC

Last week, with the EU Referendum coverage in full swing leading up to the historical vote, the broadcast teams in BBC’s London bureau were working tirelessly to bring the world the latest news out of London. Business editor, Simon Jack, and his production team were in need of a Central London location where the iconic London skyline was on full display. With locations appropriate for broadcast filming at a premium do to the media frenzy circling the city, the BBC looked to Peerspace to find and book a location quickly. Fast forward a few hours, and the BBC team was reporting from a Peerspace loft located just off the Thames.

We love to think that we are helping put people in the places that help them flourish, whether that means award-winning journalism, or getting hitched. So what is your Peerspace story? Share it with #MadeInPeerspace.

P.S. If you are interested in checking out the spectacular views from this Central London loft for yourself, you can book it here.

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