A Look Back at 2016 Before We Charge Forward

To say that 2016 was “great” seems like an underwhelming statement. What has transpired in the last year, with our product, our team, and most importantly, within each Peerspace booking, has been remarkable to say the least. Every day, I feel honored to help build a marketplace powering real impact in our communities through better use of space. People are coming together in new ways to create, collaborate, and celebrate. Check out some of this year’s highlights in our Year in Review.  

This year, we welcomed new team members, new cities, new hosts, and new guests. While much was new, one value has remained the same: we are a company built around community and are passionate about putting people in places that inspire them. Our community of guests has quadrupled in size in the last year and it continues to amaze me what can happen when our hosts open up their beautiful spaces to people for personal and professional gatherings.

Scrolling through our #MadeInPeerspace moments reminds me of the power of our platform. Peerspace has been used in many ways beyond what we originally imagined. Earlier this year, it was incredible seeing Netflix book a commercial loft space for a team off-site on the same day that G-Eazy would be shooting a music video in another space. Today, this breadth of activity is simply a normal day on Peerspace. Whether you were meeting, making, feasting, or filming, we were noticing, and are no longer surprised by, the wide variety of activities we are seeing. With over a quarter million people walking into a Peerspace experience to date, this list is just the beginning. That’s the beauty of it. Any experience you want to create outside of your home or office can be made possible in a Peerspace location.

Next year, our team will be investing in unique features to make it easier than ever to find and book the perfect space for any kind of activity you’re planning. And more than that, we want to help guests create memorable experiences during their bookings. We’ll be creating tools that enable hosts to provide exceptional services while maximizing the use of their space. Our team is eager to carry forward this year’s progress and hit the ground running in 2017.

In closing, I would like to offer a massive “thank you” to our entire Peerspace community today, and a very warm welcome to our Peerspace family of the future. We promise 2017 will be productive, fun, and inspiring!

Here’s to another year of incredible experiences,