Los Angeles Featured Spaces

With the recent launch of PeerSpace in Los Angeles comes a whole new catalog of amazing listings. To help with all your short-term creative space needs, we’ve compiled a list of our current favorites, catalogued according to your unique needs.

Let us know if you are interested in booking one of these Los Angeles featured spaces and our Concierge Team will take it from there! You can also now browse and book any of our spaces online.

If you’re organizing a company party…

Los Angeles Featured Spaces

Ring in the holidays with the whole team at Joan’s Hollywood filmmaking lab. Located in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, this production hub features skylights, orbed lamps that dangle from exposed wooden beams, and a small outdoor garden.

If you’re hosting a creative brainstorm…

Los Angeles Featured Spaces

Beach access, chill vibes, and inspirational artwork on the wall make Flavio’s Santa Monica space the perfect spot for business development day dreams. A product of Flavio’s own vision, the space features ocean views, polished concrete floors, and gorgeous finished wood.

lf you’re planning a corporate mixer…

Los Angeles Featured Spaces

The industrial-chic layout of Jerome’s Santa Monica co-working space is well-suited to evening events such as company gatherings and birthday parties. The open and airy design lends well to mixing and mingling.

If you’re throwing a pop-up concert…

Los Angeles Featured Spaces

The beautifully landscaped outdoor area of Stephanie’s space, located in L.A.’s hip Echo Park neighborhood, is prime for throwing a pop-up movie screening or concert. Inside, the space features an interior gallery with skylights and glass doors.

If you’re putting together an exhibit…

Los Angeles Featured Spaces

Show off your work at Hayley’s gallery-shop hybrid space in Venice. The property is equipped with a system which allows for paintings to be hung and easily moved and also includes a storefront — perfect for impromptu sales and impulse purchasing.

These full listings can be viewed using the PeerSpace App. If you don’t have access to an iOS device, email our Concierge Team and the will connect you with our Hosts!

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