Fueling New Opportunities — How to Maximize Every Inch of your Space

With over 100 five star reviews under his belt, it should come as no surprise that Brad Buckman spends late nights giving the walls of his Burbank studio a fresh coat of paint. 

When he began remodeling the storefront in early 2016, he had an idle thought: What if I made this space available to other photographers? Thanks to a sales email he’d received out of the blue a year before, he knew where to find potential renters.

“When I first created my listing on Peerspace, I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll book a few shoots.’ The next thing I know, we’re hosting baby showers and influencer events. Over the last three years, I’ve been amazed at the variety of bookings we’ve had.”

Keep reading to learn how Brad fueled new opportunities through Peerspace.

Put in the Hours

Thanks to his prior life as a portrait photographer, Brad’s desire is to make every guest feel comfortable and at ease, no matter who walks through the door. So, from the get-go, this was the goal with the remodel. 

Instead of following the advice of his photographer friends to install a cyclorama, he left the design up to his Peerspace guests.

 “I often think of the Arthur Ashe quote: ‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’ That’s how we got started with rentals.”

According to Brad, there are small “aha” moments after almost every booking, especially in the beginning. Whether it’s optimizing the placement of the projector or installing blackout curtains for a bit more privacy, let guests’ needs determine the next upgrade.

Brad often hosts educational and networking events for the host community.

Make Versatility the Goal

Though he still hosts plenty of photoshoots, over 90% of Brad’s Peerspace business today comes from event and meeting rentals—a sharp turn from what he originally envisioned when first listing.

From yoga retreats and worship services to art exhibitions and fundraisers—you name it, Brad’s hosted it. The key to his versatility is simple: “Once you feel like you’ve dialed it in, re-evaluate and stay closely tuned in to your guests’ feedback. What worked for one set of events might not for the next.”

Today, Brad’s creative white-box studio can facilitate almost any experience, and has been brought to life by the likes of The Ellen Degeneres Show and Dell Technologies.

In December, hosts gathered for a fun holiday celebration.

(Re)Invest in the Experience

“We’ve gone from making a little extra money to creating a new business for ourselves. Peerspace earnings allow us to continually upgrade the space through design and amenities.”

From small enhancements to bigger capital investments, Brad continues to reinvest his earnings to meet (and exceed) the changing needs of his guests. 

For example, he says, “Over the hot summer months, I upgraded our A/C system and provided it free of charge.” As Brad puts it, include the necessities, plus a little extra, to make sure guests feel taken care of. 

Then, get creative. Go above and beyond by offering premium add-ons to create a truly seamless experience. By coordinating additional services upfront, you remove the need for lengthy conversations the day-of and guests arrive with everything already in order.

When asked why he continues to host on Peerspace today, Brad answered, “We do some direct rentals and get the occasional booking from other services, but it is Peerspace who fuels these new opportunities. I truly enjoy being a host and working my tail off to ensure guests have a terrific experience.”

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