PeerSpace Concierge Service For Off-Site Success

When it comes to planning an Off-Site, the PeerSpace Concierge team knows what works best and can help you achieve success.

After all, we’ve built our service so that you can have the most successful and cost-efficient Off-Site possible.  Not to mention we’ve hosted many innovative Off-Site meetings for our own team. Here, we highlight some of the key features that make our Concierge service unique when it comes to helping you plan a perfect Off-Site.

Schedule + Itinerary Review

We know scheduling is one of the key aspects to planning a perfect Off-Site. That’s why we created the PeerSpace Insider’s Guide to Running a Perfect Off-Site Checklist to help you plan a perfect Off-Site. After you’ve mapped out your needs and created an itinerary, our Concierge can help you review it (free of charge!) to make sure you are using our recommended best practices.


Space Setup Ideas

Unsure of which PeerSpace space is right for you or unsure how to configure a space to best suit your needs? Our Concierge is not only familiar with all our spaces, but well versed in thinking creatively to maximize the location for your activity.


Found your perfect space but feel like it’s missing missing a few key amenities? Let our Concierge team know what else you need and we are happy to source it for you. From whiteboards to projectors, we find what you need to complete the space.

Food +  Coffee

Our Concierge team can order your food and coffee through top local providers in each city. We’ve vetted our vendors to make sure they are the best around. It’s our goal to provide your team with the energy they need to create, innovate and motivate their way through the Off-Site!


It’s important to have signs placed around the Off-Site welcoming your team and pointing them in the right direction. PeerSpace Concierge offers to design and print signage and have it delivered to your site.

flow off-site loft peerspace

Ready to move forward with your Off-Site but want more information on how to build a perfect Off-Site for your team?

Get the conversation started with our Concierge Team today. And don’t forget to visit our recent blog posts which feature all the tips you need to achieve Off-Site success, including the PeerSpace Roadmap to Running the Perfect Off-Site.

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You can also browse our collection of unique meeting spaces in San Francisco or Los Angeles and book your next location today.