Peerspace Guide to Hosting: 7 Tips to Monetize Your Space

A key component to being a successful Peerspace host lies in creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. From warm welcomes to thoughtful touches, attention to detail can help leave a lasting impression for your guests. When you consider your guest experience every step of the way, you will see the results pay off in qualified interest and repeat guests who leave glowing reviews.

Here, we are sharing our top seven tips you can use to help increase interest in your space and achieve successful bookings.

Be Responsive

It is important to show potential guests that you are attentive and trustworthy. The best way to do this is by responding quickly to every inquiry, whether it be a question about your space’s amenities or a booking request. Even if you are just leaving a short note, we recommend getting back to all guests on the same day. Often, guests are looking into alternative spaces and contacting other hosts on the platform, so being responsive also helps you stay competitive. 

Optimize Your Space

Making small improvements to your space can have a huge impact on your ability to gain traction in the marketplace. For example, if you want to attract team off-sites, consider investing in tables, chairs, and A/V setup for presentations. This will make your listing more attractive to guests.

Photograph your space

Aim for photos that reflect your space in its true state and show it at its best. Be sure to tidy up and make use of natural light. Remember that the photos you include in your listing are the primary driver of guest interest. Along with your listing description, guests reference photos to determine whether the space matches their needs. Make sure guests get a comprehensive view by providing high quality, accurate photos. If you are interested in having your space photographed by the Peerspace team, let us know.


Create a Welcome Kit

Often your guests will have questions about your space. Some common questions include: How does the coffee machine work? Where are the restrooms? What’s the WiFi password? In order to best address their concerns, create a concise “day of” guide that guests can reference while they are in your space. Along with logistics, you can include a personal touch like listing your favorite nearby lunch spots.This will help ensure their experience is a smooth one.

Be timely

Your guests should never wait past their booking time to be given entry into the space. Make sure to show up a half hour early to every booking and double check everything is ready. If any logistics change, make sure you have clear communication with your guest. Being punctual for the booking will be a critical component of how a guest evaluates their time spent in your space and can impact receiving a positive review.

Tidy up

Clean up your space before your guest arrives and make sure that all services and amenities are working. If you are required to make any changes to the space, services, or amenities, don’t forget to update your listing.

Reviews matter

Having positive guest reviews will impact the number of future inquiries you receive. We also encourage our hosts leave a thoughtful review for guests following a successful booking.