Our Peerspace Promise

Events can be stressful. Whether you’re scrambling to organize logistics, or you’re simply feeling nervous to leave the hotel conference room behind, there’s lots to consider and we want to ease your mind during the planning process.

We’re here to remove the stress of searching for the perfect event space. Our team is committed to your event’s success, so, we’re proud to guarantee every booking with our Peerspace Promise, empowering our guests to book with confidence, every time.

Our Peerspace Promise Includes:

A money-back guarantee

  • We’ll provide up to a full refund on your booking if the host does not fulfill their commitments, is unresponsive, and/or materially misrepresents their space. Conditions apply. See What Claims Are Covered? and Claim Submission Overview below for full details.

Emergency rebooking assistance

  • We’ll help you rebook another space if the host is unable to provide access to the space at the designated start time and/or cancels shortly before the start of your booking. See Emergency Rebooking Guidelines for full details.

Transparent pricing

  • We always display our fees upfront during the booking process, so you know exactly what to expect
  • We will honor the host’s lowest published price for an equivalent activity if you find it outside of Peerspace

Real reviews by real people

  • We promise that all guest reviews are collected post-booking and represent actual booking experiences — we feature real reviews from real people who have used the space!

Safe and secure transactions

  • We promise that messages sent through the platform between hosts and guests are always secure, and we’re committed to protecting your identity*
  • We guarantee safe payment handling, including payment protection until the booking is complete, as well as fraud prevention

Dedicated Customer Experience team

  • You can reach our dedicated, California-based Customer Experience team 7 days a week via live chat, email, and/or phone

What Claims Are Covered Under the Peerspace Promise?

  • Host doesn’t respond to guest inquiries and logistical requests within 48 hours after an inquiry
  • Host is unresponsive or inattentive to guest’s requests for assistance during booking
  • Appearance and condition of space is materially different from the listing description on Peerspace
  • The size of space and/or attendee capacity in the published listing does not accurately reflect the space
  • The photos for the published listing are not an accurate representation of the space’s true condition
  • The space photos for the published listing do not represent the areas that the guest has access to during a booking, unless noted that certain areas depicted in photos are available at an added cost
  • The amenities outlined on the listing are inaccurate, do not function properly, and/or are not included in booking price and in good working condition, excluding amenities that are designated as Host Add-Ons (for an additional price)
  • The space’s location does not match the physical address provided in the listing
  • The space is not presented to guests in a clean, sanitary state, and/or contains major safety hazards. This excludes the exterior and/or common areas of space as outlined in the listing
  • Host fails to disclose information to guests about pet presence and/or whether the booked space contains shared or semi-private areas. This excludes staffing that the host has provided
  • Host fails to disclose that the space is not ADA-accessible and/or has undergone material temporary changes (i.e. remodeling or removal of furniture/amenities) within a reasonable time before start of booking

Claim Submission Overview

Before filing claim:

  • You or your attendees must not have directly or indirectly have caused the issue in question
  • At the time you first notice an issue with your space, you must use communication channels available to you to attempt to resolve the issue with the host prior to filing a claim (ex. Peerspace messages, text messages, emails, etc.)

To file a claim:

  • You must be the guest of record that booked the space
  • You must bring the issue to our Customer Experience team via [email protected] no later than 72 hours after the end of your booking
  • You must respond to requests for additional information regarding your claim by the Peerspace team in a timely manner via [email protected]
  • Importantly, by involving Peerspace in your dispute, you agree to accept our decision as final. Our team’s resolution will be final and binding, per the terms of your Peerspace booking

When filing a claim, you must provide the following:

  • Visual evidence that the host was unresponsive to booking inquiries, booking confirmation, and/or requests for assistance during the time of booking
  • Visual evidence that amenities advertised as part of the listing are unavailable and/or do not function properly
  • Visual evidence that the host was uncooperative and/or unable to remedy the issue in a reasonable timeframe
  • Visual evidence that the space’s physical dimensions do not match the listing description and/or photos on Peerspace
  • Visual evidence of any discrepancies between the space’s physical location and its address as outlined in listing description
  • Visual evidence that the host did not disclose changes to the space, presence of pets, and/or level of  privacy that therefore detrimentally impacted your booking
  • Visual evidence in the form of a live URL that advertises the space at a lower rate than the price advertised on Peerspace

Emergency Rebooking Guidelines

The following circumstances qualify for Emergency Rebooking Assistance:

  • Host repeatedly fails to respond to messages promptly in the days leading up to the event
  • Host is generally unresponsive within 48 hours of guest inquiry

In either of these events, guests can receive a credit for the sole purpose of rebooking a guest in another space. The credit amount may be up to $500 or 100% above the original booking’s subtotal — whichever amount is lower (in addition to a full refund for the original booking).


  • The host-initiated cancellation must be within 7 days of the booking start time
  • The rebooked location must be for an equivalent activity in a Peerspace location
  • The rescheduled event must take place within 7 days of the previously-scheduled reservation
  • The credit can only be applied towards the cost of the rebooked space and does not apply for any additional costs or services acquired outside of Peerspace.

The terms of the Peerspace Promise are subject to change and may be altered or removed at any time.

Still have questions?

If you want to learn more about the Peerspace Promise, please contact our team at [email protected].

*Peerspace is not responsible for any private information that you disclose to another user when messaging on our platform. Peerspace only shares information with other parties when you have given our team your authorization to share.