Simplify Your Search: Tips on Finding the Right Offsite Space

Is there enough natural light? Can people bring bikes and park them inside? How noisy is the space? These are just a few of the questions AdRoll’s Executive assistant, Salome Donenfeld, asks herself before clicking “Book” for her team’s offsite. She knows that a successful offsite starts with a space that is both functional and inspiring.

Salome shares what to consider when choosing an offsite space and some of her favorite spaces that she’s booked in the past. Simplify your search with her tips.

First things first: Lock down a location

I usually start the planning process about two months before the event. I begin with finding the right location. Narrowing down spaces on Peerspace by location, price, and size, makes it easy for me choose a neighborhood, headcount, and price range for my offsite. Once I have looked at a few places in-person, I book and let my teams know where the offsite is by putting a hold on their calendars.

Timing is everything

I always leave buffers in regards to time when planning. I usually start at 8:30am knowing that most folks won’t show up until 9am. I book the space for us to leave 30-40 minutes after the intended end time. I go back to my space with my IT guy to go over what we might need the day of.

Questions to consider

  • Is the space large enough to hold my team?
  • How close it the space to our office?
  • Will I be able to move the configuration of the room around to suit my managers’ likes and dislikes (Some people like classroom style, while other love a roundtable set up)
  • Is there good AV/IT set up?
  • How big is the projection screen for presenting?
  • Can our employees bring their bikes and park them inside?
  • Is there space for a long table for food and beverage set up?
  • Is the location “cool” or trendy?
  • Is there enough natural light?
  • Are there windows? Can people see outside?
  • How noisy is it?
  • Does it have a kitchen (sink/fridge etc)?
  • Is there enough seating? Is it comfortable seating?

Favorite offsite spaces

1) The Garage SF – Luxury Warehouse 

The Garage SFO

The Garage is amazing. I chose this space because it has three levels, and one is a roof deck. It also has a living room feel which is entirely non-corporate. This space is like stepping into your hip friend’s SOMA loft for the day.

2) Artist’s Dream Loft with Panoramic Views 

Artist's Dream Loft

The Artist’s Dream Loft is a spot I have my eye on for a smaller offsite. I love the modern space, and the natural light. That patio outside is perfect for lunch and breaks from the all day meeting.

3) Historic Philanthropic Club Meeting Room

Historic Meeting Space

I choose the Historic Meeting room because of its library look. I liked that it also included a balcony so that folks could get fresh air. The host is a gem, and they always include free bottled waters for guests, as well as clean-up services.

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