How to Throw a Pop-Up Concert

From dinner parties to retail shops, pop-up events are an easy way to draw a crowd. The latest trend in temporary events? Throwing a pop-up concert. For advice on how to start the music, we tapped Megan Baldwin, creative director at NYC-based STORY, a retail concept that that’s always reinventing themselves by popping-up within their own space.

Once you’ve locked down the performers it’s time to hammer out the details. Here are a few tips to make your pop-up concert unforgettable.

Unique-VenueFind the perfect location. Concert venues are expensive and ordinary. Why not host your pop-up concert in a train station? Browse unique venues on PeerSpace to wow your guests.

Get a temporary liquor license. Like most social gatherings featuring music, refreshments are a key part of the event. Keep the crowd (21 and up, of course) engaged by obtaining a temporary liquor license. Find more information at San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Rent speakers. Invest in full-service audio visual rental or work in trade. Having quality sound equipment is key to providing a solid auditory experience for your guests.

Bring a food truck on board. Mine Kickstarter in search of soon-to-launch culinary campaigns in line with your theme. Or inquire about Del Popolo, one of our favorites.

Get nostalgic. Guests love to wander. Spark memories of childhood by creating stations with a few cushions, board games, and a bottle (for spin the bottle) to encourage guests to make their own fun.


For inspiration, check out our friends at Sofar Sounds that regularly hold intimate concerts in unique locations. If you are planning a pop-up concert, download the App to find the perfect space or message our concierge team for help pulling together all the logistics.