Repurpose Your Space & Pay The Rent

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, paying rent is a perpetual issue, especially in a place as expensive as the Bay Area. Sharing your space with your community is not only a great way to help make ends meet but is also a powerful tool for expanding your network and growing your business.

PeerSpace is a marketplace that allows Hosts to share all kinds of underutilized space with professionals in their community. Not only are there opportunities to make use of your space during downtime, but you can also use your space for various productive activities. Take a look at these examples of how PeerSpace hosts have reinvented their spaces by adding multifunctional use:

Alternative Uses For Your Space

A PeerSpace photography studio located on Treasure Island has taken advantage of their downtime by listing their space for all kinds of uses. Recently, the studio hosted a successful pop-up dinner and welcomed over one-hundred foodies into their space. Other studios have hosted small dinner parties, yoga classes, and even workshop events. PeerSpace guests have a variety of needs and often flexible spaces make the perfect match.


Open Your Space to Photographers

One San Francisco fitness studio hosts on PeerSpace when there are no classes in session. Recently, a photographer took advantage of the great natural light and equipment in the studio when taking photos for a fitness apparel company. Photographers have been searching PeerSpace to find unique locations that fit their specific needs.

Host Small Scale Events

Perhaps the most common way to earn extra cash sharing your productive space is by hosting corporate events or social gatherings. PeerSpace Guests are using office space for Meetups, celebrating birthday parties on video production stages, throwing engagement parties in yoga studios, and having happy hour recruiting events on private roof decks. These events are relatively simple to set up and can take place just about anywhere.

Best of all, becoming a PeerSpace host takes less than five minutes. If you’re ready to repurpose your space and think differently about how it can be used, get the PeerSpace App and create your listing!