Reviving a San Francisco Art Space

An SF arts organization uses PeerSpace to jump a financial hurdle

A fresh event can reintroduce a classic organization to the public in a whole new light. We caught up with Tanya Orellana, technical director at Intersection of the Arts, to get more details on how the original SF arts organization is using PeerSpace. After cuts in funding, Intersection began Hosting a series of hot new events from movie screenings to start-up panels in their San Francisco art space. They’ll earn over $3,000.00 in additional revenue this month.

Share a little background on Intersection of the Arts for someone who may be unfamiliar with what you do:

Intersection is a non-profit San Francisco art space. We primarily do alternative arts programming. In our long history as San Francisco’s oldest alternative arts organization, we have presented numerous gallery shows, theatre performances, music programs and community engagement workshops. We believe in socially relevant art that is impactful, aspirational and insightful. We work with an incredible array of artists from all over the Bay Area and across many genres.


Tell us more about the crowd and event for La Doña films, the most recent booking with Peerspace? What happened at the event? Did it attract a new audience?

It definitely exposed us to a different set of artists in the Bay Area. The event attracted many young film stars, many had never been to Intersection of the Arts before. It was great to connect with a different group within the same San Francisco artistic community.
San Francisco Art Space Event

Body-Image-2 How do you develop ideas for the various events?

We meet with the client and listen to their goals and event description. Since we have been a rental space with dynamic arrangements for a few years, we have a lot of experience with how best to maximize the use of our space to fit the specifics of each event. We enjoy seeing the space change with each event and finding the best way the space can contribute to a successful night.

What goes into orchestrating one of these events?

A typical event in our main space involves being flexible and finding creative solutions to how our space can best serve the specifics of the event. Our main furniture is on wheels and easily rolls to maximize floor space or to be rearranged to create dynamic seating or meeting arrangements. We have flexible stage units that can either be very small or take up a large portion of the main floor for bigger panels. We have theatrical lighting instruments so creating the right lighting design for the space is part of the process as well. We can easily transition between lighting for a one person presentation to a colorful lighting arrangement for a fundraiser or party.