Venue roundup: Unusual and repurposed spaces

Sought out for their individuality and ability to make an impact on attendees, unusual event venues such as a private yacht or airport hangar are growing in popularity. According to renowned urban architect James Corner, there is a trend towards reclaiming old spaces for new, innovative uses.

“As cities struggle to find available land for new development projects, there is a counter-movement that is reinvigorating existing urban infrastructure and buildings that in many cases have been neglected and fallen into disuse,” says Corner. There is now a desire to revive rather than rebuild and that is making unusual spaces more accessible than ever before.  

Spanning wind, land, sea, and centuries, here are a few of our favorite unusual venues.

1. Airstream in bohemian warehouse – San Francisco, CA

Unusual venues: Airstream


2. Airport hangar – Los Angeles, CA

Unusual venues: airport hangar


3. French castle – San Francisco, CA

Unusual venues: French castle


4. Redwood cabin – San Francisco, CA

Unusual venues: Redwood cabin


5. Vintage trailer – Los Angeles, CA

Unusual venues: Vintage trailer


6. Luxury yacht – Los Angeles, CA

Unusual venue: luxury yacht


7. Urban distillery – Seattle, WA

Urban distillery event space


8. Rustic barn – Bay Area, CA

Unusual event location: rustic barn


9. Contemporary bank vault – New York City, NY

Unusual meeting space: bank vault


10. Majestic palace – Los Angeles, CA

Unusual venues: Majestic palace


11. Beach bungalow record store – Los Angeles, CA

Beach bungalow record store event venue


12. Repurposed cargo container – San Francisco, CA

Repurposed cargo container meeting space


13. Vintage car museum – Austin, TX

Vntage car museum event space


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