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#MadeinPeerspace: A First Glimpse into RVCA and Frilly’s Launch Party

By May 2, 2017 #MadeInPeerspace

The big idea

When it comes to launching a new product, or in this case, a new clothing line, marketing agency, The dFm, pulls out all the stops. Going against traditional agency norms, The dFm offers a fresh perspective through unconventional collaboration — which is exactly what RVCA and Frilly wanted for their Fall/Winter ‘18 press preview.

PR coordinator and the creative visionary behind this launch, Brittany Mileo, chose this light-filled Soho loft as the backdrop, saying, “The aesthetic was a great fit for both brands.” While design was important, Brittany also wanted a venue that would encourage editors to attend; which would ultimately determine the event’s success.


©KatrinaLillian_Peerspace_3.30.17 (10 of 19)Photography by Katrina Sorrentino

“I was first drawn to the natural light that filled the showroom. The aesthetic was a great fit for both brands.”


Photography by Katrina Sorrentino

Transforming the space

Because the main focus of the event was to showcase the clothing, decorations were kept to a minimum. Using industrial garment racks, Brittany separated the different collections to fit with the brand’s aesthetic. “I wanted RVCA to be against the exposed brick wall and Frilly to be by the windows with the old Soho buildings in the backdrop.” 

Everything ordered for the press day was designed with the showroom in mind. In addition to the minimal setup, she ordered catering from Dimes NYC and floral arrangements from The POP UP Florist.

“The space was clean, modern and versatile. I love that we were able to create the press preview envisioned.”



©KatrinaLillian_Peerspace_3.30.17 (9 of 19)

Photography and videography by Katrina Sorrentino

The finished product

Brittany said that the highlight of her day was getting to introduce the new collections to the editors. “It’s important to build relationships with everyone who comes to our preview and make the collections memorable. She says, “When they come in and are able to connect to a style they are more likely to pull for a future photoshoot.” At the end of the day, Brittany said she left feeling accomplished and was thrilled with the turnout and feedback on the new collections.  

“It’s important to build relationships with everyone who comes to our preview and make the collections memorable.”


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