Host Profile: San Francisco Photo Studio

For many, working at home translates to a corner table at the neighborhood cafe. For Angela and Marty, the owners of this San Francisco photo studio, it equals a cozy den where creative ideas can flourish. In 2000, the owners completely remodeled their home to function as a photography/artist studio and have been renting out their space ever since. Here, we chat with the owners about their favorite things, history, and why they love PeerSpace.

Hosts Angela & Marty

Hosts Angela & Marty

Share the details about your space and what’s happened inside:

Our building was built in the 1920’s as the Nederland Brothers Bakery. When we purchased the space in 1998 it was an underground nightclub and event space called Kommotion. We completely remodeled the interior as a photography/artist studio and living space in 2000. At the time the North East Mission district was an area for artists and creatives to find affordable workspaces. Today, the area is still mainly zoned for light industrial and manufacturing businesses but it has since become, like the rest of the city, a lot more expensive and trendy.

We have been renting out our space for small events, meetings, castings, photo and video shoots.

What are your three favorite things about living in the space?

We love having a large space that’s very adaptable for a variety of projects or events, not to mention a garage for our car and scooter. The brick walls are amazing and we love that the space has been remodeled to reflect our own personal needs and aesthetic. Finally, we love meeting all of the many talented people who have visited our studio.

How is it working from your living space?

Our studio is unusual in that it is a stand-alone live/work loft that we actually live and work in. Living and working at home definitely has more advantages than disadvantages. However, staying focused is next to impossible. Fortunately, concentration is not a prerequisite for creativity. We would probably be concerned if we weren’t constantly distracted.

What’s up next for you guys?

We are currently working with our neighborhood business group and the City on creating a comprehensive parking plan for mixed-use industrial neighborhoods like ours. And, we are trying to organize a support group for the photo and film production industry workers in the North East Mission.

What’s it been like working with PeerSpace?

Our experience working with PeerSpace for the last year has been great. Without exaggerating, everyone there is incredibly nice. We love how PeerSpace helps to pre-screen guests so that the requests that we receive are usually appropriate to our space. It’s also nice having PeerSpace handle the paperwork and payments. Because of PeerSpace, we have rented to a number of clients who probably wouldn’t have found us without them.


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