Showcase Your Space: Highlight Amenities

We know that better listings result in more bookings. Hosts who follow our recommended best practices for listings comprise 80% of the revenue on the marketplace.

The best way to showcase your space is to think like a Guest when you create your listing. Guests want to know how the space they are booking will suit their specific needs. Regardless of whether they are looking for an unbeatable location for their next company off-site or a trendy backdrop for a photo shoot, they are more likely to book a space with complete and compelling listing descriptions. Some of the key listing features a Guest will look for are electronic amenities, dining accessibility and seating capacity. Here’s how to leverage your space assets, highlight amenities and create a better listing.

Explain Electronics

Electronic capabilities will be a top priority for most Guests. While these might range from needing a projector to a sound system setup, all Guests will want an understanding of how your space is configured and wired for electronics. Include WiFi speed, production elements, and projectors or other presentation machines in your listing description. If you have a flat-screen ready for an Apple TV plug-in, share this with your Guests. Remember that whatever you don’t include or have access to might require a Guest to bring or rent their own. If you include access to A/V equipment in your listings, it could give you that extra amenity a Guest is looking for!

Delight With Dining Accessibility

Let’s face it – food matters! No off-site, production shoot or event is complete without something to eat. Many Guests look for private kitchens in a space when booking an event, production or off-site. Make sure you highlight dining capabilities in your space and any in-house catering you can provide. Even if a Guest is using external catering, they will be interested in a dining area for their team to enjoy a meal break. When it comes to describing your dining access, be creative. If you have a unique bar with industrial stools or a reclaimed dining table that a team can gather around while enjoying a meal, add these small details. Have a top-of-the-line espresso machine? Even better! They are just some of the more useful amenities a Guest will be looking for. Want to take the stress out of organizing food services for your Guests? Let our Concierge Team handle their catering needs.

Show Off Seating Capacity

Never underestimate comfortable, accessible seating for your Guests. Take the time to list all your seating options and mention different configurations. By explaining how your space can be set up for different types of uses, you can help Guests envision their own booking there. From bar stools to couches to chairs that can be set up to accommodate larger crowds or assembly-style seating, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! If your Guest has seating requirements you have trouble accommodating, tell them reach out to our Concierge Team, who can help direct them to the right rental service!

Don’t Forget The Extras

Does your space have additional cool features like private deck access or architectural aspects such as art deco pillars? Make sure you mention anything special that makes your space stands out!

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The second part of our continued Showcase Your Space series, this article is designed to help Hosts think like Guests, and highlight what matters to them in listings.

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