Showcase Your Space: Organizing Photos

While it’s great to have fantastic photos of your space, by featuring and organizing photos properly, you can take your listing to the next level.

Every day the PeerSpace team works to help Hosts optimize their photos in order to increase their listing traffic. We’ve found that it’s just as important to have high quality photos of your space as it is to have the right balance of photo types and a smart order to them. Here are a few top tips to organizing photos on your listing and impressing potential Guests!

Raw Space Photos

LA Lost Natural Light
Featuring a raw space photo on the cover of your listing is the best way to represent your space and make a positive first impression. Make sure you present your space without people in the shot to distract from the amenities.  This helps a potential Guest brainstorm ideas, increase demand and encourage potential Guests to bring their ideas to life!

Use Type Photos

Use type photos are critical when showcasing your space to a potential Guest. We recommend you take photos of your space configured in multiple ways to appeal to distinct use types. You can set up tables, chairs, and equipment to show Guests different possibilities. After your raw space photo, choose a great use type photo to come next in your photo listing order. Next, include additional use type photos that show all the areas a Guest will have access to such as a kitchenette, breakout room, conference area or outdoor space.

Action Shots

DTLA photoshoot loft
Action shots provide a fun opportunity to showcase your space in use. Great action shots allow Guests to envision their future off-site, production or event in your space and can reaffirm they are on the right track with their booking. Action shots can also inspire Guests with new ideas for set up or use type they had not even considered. If you don’t have photos of past bookings, PeerSpace can stop by to take photos the next time Guests are using your space.

Ready to put it all together? Just follow our three easy steps to organizing your photos to perfection:

1. Start with your feature raw space photo. Remember to show your space at its best.
2. Next, show a few use type photos. Mix it up and be creative so your Guest gets inspired.
3. Finish the set (we recommend at least 10 photos) with action shots. Demonstrate the success of past Off-Sites, Productions and Events.


The sixth part of our continued Showcase Your Space series, this article lists our best practices for photographing your space and includes the PeerSpace photo shoot guide.

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