Showcase Your Space: Pro Photos

Guests depend on photos to visualize using your space, and listings with the best photos get clicked on the most. Here’s how you can make your space stand out with pro photos.

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So why not make the first impression be the best it can be? When you are creating your listing, your photos need to paint a clear picture, so you’ll want to make sure they are impressive and informative. Adding a few sentences to your listing description is great, but actually showing Guests your space in action is the best way to prove that it’s a perfect fit for what they are planning. And when it comes to making a lasting impression with a Guest, professional photos go the distance. Here, we’ve compiled best practice tips on how to get pro photos taken of your space and what to do to get it ready for these glamour shots!

Consider What To Highlight

First, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of how you would like to share your space. If you hope to attract meetings, ideally your photos will reflect that kind of use. Consider how to best set up tables, chairs, and any A/V you have to demonstrate your space’s capabilities to host productive meetings. The same is true for events, production, private parties or any other type of function your space caters to.

After you have solidified your goals, create a list of some of the key factors that make your space unique. When the photographer comes by, you’ll want to spend time capturing those features at their best. The photographer will be there to make your listing better, so convey where you believe the most time should be spent. While you can work with them to make sure the photos are beautiful and represent your space accurately, having a clear list of what to highlight beforehand helps to streamline the process.

Prepare The Space

Even if you keep your space clean, neat and tidy, it is helpful to do a deep cleaning of your space before it is photographed. If you have the resources, you might want to consider having it professionally cleaned the day before a photographer comes. After it has been cleaned, make sure that table tops are cleared and small items like cords are tucked away.

When it comes to taking great photos, any professional knows that lighting is critical. Photographing your space at the right time can make your space look its best! And contrary to what some might think, you won’t want to flip all your lights on. In fact, the more sources of natural light you can utilize, the better – we want more sun!

SF Woodshop - PeerSpace

Remember: Guests can search for listings on the computer AND on their phone. Crisp, clear, high resolution photos show up perfectly on both desktop and mobile. Since we know that good photographs can be a driving factor for a successful listing, we love to send our professional photographer to take complimentary photos of our Host spaces for their listings.

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The third part of our continued Showcase Your Space series, this article covers the importance of thinking about and preparing your space for pro photos that will make your listings stand out.

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