Showcase Your Space: Unique Features

As a Host, you know which aspects of your space make it memorable. The key to increasing a Guest’s interest in your space is to understand and communicate these unique features.

Listings are the perfect place to describe the nuances of your space and make it stand out. Your space is unlike any other, so remember this as you make your pitch to showcase your space. Here are a few tips for highlighting your space effectively.

Keep It Fresh

la gallery peerspace
You may take some aspects of your space for granted, so try to look around with fresh eyes. Do you have an abundance of natural light or beautiful hardwood floors? Eye-catching artwork or a one-of-a-kind espresso machine? Remember that Guests are looking to innovate and create, so try to consider what memorable features your space has to help them do so in style!

Look for Positives

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What you find frustrating in your space might actually be a positive for a Guest. For example, your space might feel crowded for your growing team, but provide the perfect amount of room for a small executive conference. Your space is likely more flexible than you’ve perviously thought, so when you look for the positives, you’ll find even more ways for Guests to achieve success in it.

Describe Effectively

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Now that you know the best aspects of your space, it’s time to communicate them effectively. Pick the top features and pair them with the best uses, right adjectives and of course, great photos. Some of our favorites include:

  • An awesome deck for a business brunch
  • An industrial backdrop for a photoshoot
  • Plenty of windows and an inspiring view for an off-site

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

dtla production roof peerspace
Decks, patios and fresh air can really add an extra dimension to a Guest’s experience. If you have outdoor space that can be used, make sure to include photos in your listing and describe how to best enjoy it in conjunction with the indoor space. Guests organizing off-sites will relish some sunlight to break up their busy day, and those planning complex productions and large events will want to hear about the best way you’ve dealt with parking, logistics and accessibility around your space.

Feel free to get creative, just make sure you are giving your space the credit it deserves!

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