Planning a Startup Launch Party

Getting creative with repurposing a space is one of the easiest ways a new businesses can expose themselves to exciting new opportunities. Here, we look at how a Dogpatch photo studio brought the creative community together for a startup launch party.

The Idea: Breaking into the art world can be challenging for both buyers and artists. To help remedy the situation, the team behind ArtSlooth envisioned a new way of linking buyers and sellers, simplifying the transference of art between parties.

Launching the App: Founder Erik Tammer knew the perfect venue was essential for throwing a successful startup launch party. Unimpressed with the traditional event spaces on the market, Tammer turned to PeerSpace to find a distinctive spot on par with the show’s specific ambiance, format, and presentation needs.


The Space: Striking windows and a view of the bay make this Dogpatch-based production studio a coveted location for area photographers. It also serves as the perfect space to house works from the local artists that ArtSlooth works so hard to empower.

The Event: On the day of the event, the Host greeted Erik and his team. Together, they set up displays to prepare the studio. The bohemian space played host to over 60 guests: art collectors, young artists, art enthusiasts, and friends. Sales will prove not only beneficial to the artists, but to the community as well. A portion of each sale is donated back to a local community organization.

The Outcome: The ArtSlooth team pulled off their startup launch party with style and stayed within their budget. They booked a studio that inspires creativity amongst local artists. Art was sold, friends were made, and ArtSlooth settled into the San Francisco community.