Top 5 Things to Consider For Your Dream-Day Wedding

When it comes to putting clients first and planning perfect weddings, Marisa Manna Ferrell, founder of So Eventful, is at the top of her game. We partnered with Marisa to find out what it really takes to pull off a dream-day wedding in a unique wedding venue.

As a certified event planning professional who pays tremendous attention to detail, Marisa has the training, experience and natural instinct to plan events that stay true to a client’s vision. Despite having planned more than 500 weddings & events, as well as features in local and national wedding publications, Marisa’s focus remains grounded on making each event unique. This personal touch, combined with Marisa’s extensive knowledge, results in exceptional event planning each and every time.

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In this exclusive Q&A with PeerSpace, she shares some of the secrets behind her success:

What brought you into the wedding space and what do you bring to clients that is unique?

As the owner of So Eventful, we are always helping clients find the perfect location where they can “tie the knot” or have an incredible event. We are professional, fun and hip. We always help with venue scouting and location searches to help our clients lock in that “perfect” venue!

How can choosing the perfect location give weddings that personalized feel?

The perfect venue will set the scene for your big day. For the most part, our clients are getting married and/or throwing a bash for the first time and are hiring us to help make it incredible. Clients do not take into consideration a lot of the moving parts that go with specific venues, but the venue is really the piece that ties everything together. Once you lock in your perfect location, everything begins to flow seamlessly from there!

When choosing a space, what do you think the contemporary couple is looking for?

Most couples are steering away from the church weddings and halls. Contemporary couples are looking for fun venues such as art galleries, wineries and epic restaurants to provide unique and memorable occasions.


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What expertise do you offer to help clients have a unique DIY-inspired event that will get them their dream-day wedding without all the stress of actually doing it themselves?

It is difficult (if not impossible) for the average person to pull off a DIY-wedding alone. But some things from a DIY project are awesome and can save the client a lot of money. As a wedding planner, we assist with these projects and help clients find the resources to implement their vision. For example, I am digging the marquee letters right now from Darby Smart. They are a nice touch to add to a dessert bar or photo prop for your wedding.

What is your favorite wedding moment you’ve witnessed?

This is a tough one. I have seen some amazing things happen at the weddings we have been a part of. Some of the highlights have been: a fireworks show, incredible food displays and dinner courses, out of this world décor, and famous bands performing at weddings.

What was something your own wedding wasn’t complete without?

We had a huge ice luge!


From finding a dream location on the PeerSpace marketplace to making sure all of your friends and family are able to eat, drink and dance the night away, our Concierge Team is here to help you achieve your dream-day wedding.

Cover photo courtesy of Nick Kova.