Unconventional Baby Shower Ideas From Minted’s Social Specialist


“A whiskey tasting sounded so much better than diaper games.”



The big idea

While whiskey tasting, taco trucks, and a craft distillery might not sound like your typical baby shower, that’s because it’s not supposed to. Minted’s Social Media Specialist and lifestyle blogger, Tina Johnstonhad a clear vision of what she wanted for her baby shower and it was anything but traditional.


“I wanted something coed, unique, and, much like our wedding, insanely fun.”


Most baby showers are just for the mom-to-be, but Tina wanted the shower to include her husband as well. “Dads should be celebrated too! Parenthood is such an adventure to go through, so it didn’t feel right to not have my partner be there with me.”


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Making the space her own


“I wanted a space that was beautiful on its own.”


A throwback to their Palm Springs wedding, Tina and her husband chose a desert-themed shower. Everything from the decorations to the food was in line with the theme. She used “Agave Bebe” designs from Minted (where Tina works) and brought in taco food trucks, homemade agua fresca, and succulent styled desserts.

As for activities, they were kept to a minimum, saying, “We really just left our guests to do their own thing: go grab food, do a flight tasting (or two), place their guesses for the baby, or hit up the expansive dessert table.”



Leaving inspired


“We definitely wanted untraditional and I think it’s safe to say we found it.”


Tina wanted a space that was beautiful on its own, had plenty of space to mingle, and room for catering. She says, “The distillery nailed all three of our requirements.” Looking back on the day, Tina says her favorite part was walking in and seeing all her guests together in one room.  “We felt so loved. Being surrounded by all of our friends and family who support us — there’s no better feeling.”


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All photography by Summer Shea Photography