Unique Halloween Party Tips & Tricks

This Halloween, get your office in the spirit without putting on the masks. Instead of a costume party, create a witchier experience that will spook and inspire your guests. PeerSpace has been helping teams plan some pretty unique Halloween parties this season so we thought we would inspire you with some ideas. We asked Megan Baldwin, Creative Director at STORY in New York City, to share some tips on how to plan a unique Halloween party.

DrinksGet in the spirit.

Invite a local bartender who specializes in apothecary style cocktails to create custom drinks using medicinal herbs.

Set the scene.

Lay out Ouiji boards, bring in a tarot reader, and invite a local collage artist to curate images with dark, romantic undertones. Collages can be a fun means to encourage people who aren’t naturally artistic to express themselves.

Create a mood.

Play witchy-themed movies (The Craft, Practical Magic), and music (Stevie Nicks) to hold party goers’ interest. Be sure to book an atypical venue like this abandoned train station (pictured below and available on PeerSpace) to complete the mood.


Throwing a one-of-a-kind party takes incredible attention to detail. Blow away your coworkers and friends with these tips for an unique Halloween party. For more inspiration or help finding a venue, send a note to the PeerSpace Concierge Team!