On set with ESPN and G-Eazy in an abandoned train station

Viet Mac, owner of Mac House Productions, has made unique shooting locations a vital part of his business. From utilizing one-of-a-kind locations, like this train station, to owning and operating his own creative studio, Viet is truly a production space expert. When he was commissioned by ESPN to create a video featuring rapper G-Eazy for the Golden State Warriors (video below), his approach was no different.

Explore the train station that Viet used for his shoot with G-Eazy and ESPN

The caveat? He needed a space that afternoon. Without time for site visits, he browsed dozens of creative spaces on Peerspace and set his sights on a historic train station in Oakland, CA. After a brief back-and-forth with the manager, he booked the space sight-unseen, assembled his team, and headed over to the station to craft an anthem.

Go behind the scenes of Viet’s shoot:

“It was a perfect match,” Viet says. “Everyone at ESPN was totally stoked on that location and that we were able to book it on that kind of timeline. [The] idea that there’s this platform that allows us to be able to create something out of nothing and bring people together to make their dreams come true is amazing.”

There are incredible spaces all around us. From underground theaters to rooftop gardens, our cities our rich with hidden gems that often times go unnoticed. Peerspace is on a mission to surface them all.

Find a unique production location in San Francisco

Here’s the Warriors anthem featuring G-Eazy:


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