A Message From the CEO: Welcome to Peerspace

I am thrilled to welcome you to PeerSpace, a marketplace for individuals and teams looking for unique short-term space that inspires and motivates them. We partner with businesses and other space owners to help them realize the untapped potential of their underused property. Many of these previously private, one-of-a-kind spaces are now available for the first time, thanks to our platform which provides a trustworthy and easy way for Hosts to list their spaces.

I encourage you to download our iOS App if you haven’t already or get in touch with our team directly to discover the hundreds of unique space options that are available in your community. Please send any feedback our way as well.

What’s the story behind the name PeerSpace?

I believe in the power of personal connections. People connecting with each other to provide access to those who are in need of resources they cannot easily attain otherwise. This is a mutually beneficial relationship between Hosts and Guests. Space owners are able to maximize the use of their space, earn money to offset expensive property costs, and expand their network by sharing with those in their community. Individuals, startups, and larger companies are able to find space to be creative, hold events, and start or grow their businesses in a cost-effective manner. I was inspired by this idea of collaborative consumption when we founded PeerSpace and we wanted a simple name that reflects the way we think about the company– collaboration on demand supported by a community of Hosts.

What experiences did you encounter that helped you develop the PeerSpace model?

PeerSpace originated while I was a graduate student in New York City and became frustrated with the difficulty of reserving temporary space for various activities off campus. However, whenever I walked around the city I was always perplexed with the number of vacant spaces I would see, particularly in high-traffic areas like those around NYU Stern. Both co-founder Matt and I have worked in creative industries our entire careers. We both realize how important access to creative space is to the innovation process. We set our sights on building a marketplace that could connect the people on each side of this situation – the space owners and those looking to book space on a temporary basis.

What small businesses struggle the most with sustainability in a city like San Francisco.

Our research showed that this problem is frequently seen across a wide variety of industries. From art galleries to production studios, valuable space is underutilized at a time when property rents and commercial mortgages are skyrocketing. Particular businesses that have trouble maximizing the use of their space include photography studios, lofts, warehouses, fitness spaces, and offices, to name a few examples.

How does PeerSpace help businesses profit from their spaces?

We provide Guests access to short-term space to license for off-sites, events, and production purposes. From business meetings to classes, product launch events to happy hours, and photography shoots to cooking endeavors, there are hundreds of beautiful spaces for Guests to use. What is key to our marketplace is that we provide the means for small businesses to think differently about how their space is utilized and find alternative uses that others will enjoy. In this sense, we hope to create a new class of micro-entrepreneurs, and become one of the most exciting marketplaces in the peer-to-peer economy.

What is your vision for PeerSpace?

We want people to be inspired by the places where they work in and give them access to unique locations. We want to keep small businesses operating in crowded cities. We want to spread new ideas through sharing productive spaces. If we do our job right, we will help businesses thrive and allow new entrepreneurial ideas to take flight. We want to be the world’s marketplace for unique spaces.

Welcome to PeerSpace. Please stay in touch. We want to hear from you!

– Rony & The PeerSpace Team