Why Should I Host?

Today’s economy is challenging for many businesses. In addition to the ever present difficulty acquiring customers and sales, rising rents and high commercial mortgages in cities such as San Francisco have many small business owners sweating. We believe PeerSpace has the solution: think differently about your underused space. By using productive space differently, people can find new venues to fit their passions.

As a creative space owner, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I host?”

We’ve talked to many entrepreneurs, artists, and companies who struggle to find great places to conduct their work. Sharing your workspace as a Host could make you money while aiding someone who is in need of a temporary space to jump-start their business. PeerSpace makes it much easier to fill underutilized space and unlock the potential of your property.

Think about this– the neighborhood bakery that closes in the afternoon would be a great place for a new chef to test out his recipes, or a dance studio that’s not being used in the morning would be the perfect place to host a bootcamp class. People shouldn’t confine their passions to a specific kind of space. Get creative! Who knows, it could spark new ideas and lead to new business ventures.

When a Host decides to share their space with PeerSpace, they are welcoming a Guest into their business that they have built up and maintained over time. Our Hosts have told us that a Guest’s appreciation for their one-of-a-kind space is a big reason why they let others use it. Bookings through PeerSpace allow users to connect with like-minded individuals, share creative ideas, and ultimately expand their professional network in a more personal way than what’s possible on any other social network.

So yes, there is a very real monetary benefit to listing your Space on PeerSpace. Our vision is that the money a Host receives from sharing their space will support healthy operations. But bookings on PeerSpace usually end up being a much more profound experience for our users. When you join the community, you soon realize it’s not simply another revenue stream, but also a great way to meet and work alongside amazing people.

Find out why people list their Spaces on PeerSpace and start hosting today!

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– The PeerSpace Team