Workplace Feng Shui Tips From a Fitness Pro

Martial Arts Gym owner and PeerSpace Host, Anthony, understands that the feel of a space is what truly sets it apart. When creating his gym he studied feng shui to come up with a design that would keep clients coming back. Here, he shares workplace feng shui tips to improve the creative layout of your space.

Understand the power of color.

Anthony and his team played around with various hues to get the contemporary look that would best reflect the character of the gym (i.e. red to make you excited and warm, black to stress integrity, power, decisiveness, and white for purity and honor). He also chose to include gray to offset the white and add more depth and contrast to the space.

Space-Photo-21 Don’t forget about the area outside of the space and around it.

Anthony studied incoming car traffic and it’s relativity to the three possible front doors. He discovered the first door option was terrible as incoming traffic is perpendicular to incoming traffic. Per feng shui, this would catch all negative chi or energy, all very bad for business. The second or middle door was initially ignored since using it would make the internal space inefficient. Anthony decided to go with the third option. The water fountain in the entrance was a huge place as it would help to neutralize the coming traffic and reflect negative energy.

Educate interior designers on what your goals are.

Every space is unique and different, so applying workplace feng shui tips or do’s and don’ts was not as easy as Anthony had initially thought. When his interior designer suggested colors that didn’t consider feng shui (i.e. light blue, off cream white for walls), he had to make the appropriate modifications.

Make sure to be mindful of arrangements.

Anthony applied feng shui’s principle of not having a straight path of front entrance line up to the back exit door. He also took note of artwork, mirrors, and equipment to make sure they were studied and strategically placed.


Pay attention to how you feel.

The most important thing according to Anthony is how you feel when you walk into the space. Test all shades (Anthony experimented with 8 different reds, painting the walls and testing under different lighting to narrow down to the final red).

Anthony’s space is one of many high quality, creative work spaces that can be accessed by groups for many different productive activities. If you are interested in learning more, download the app or let us know!