Midtown Event Space with Natural Light in New York Hero Image in Kips Bay, New York, NY

Midtown Event Space With Natural Light

Kips Bay, New York, NY



Up to 200 attendees

9 hr. minimum

Extend a day

About the Space

Our studio is a unique white box space perfect for a range of uses. Whether you are looking for a hip downtown loft feel, or something more modern our spaces are designed with the user experience in mind. We provide the following amenities: Wifi, Chairs, Tables, Microphone, Audio System, Projector. Need a kitchen? No problem. Our studio is complete with Gas Stove Kitchen and behind the scenes prep area. Details: *Capacity 0 - 150 (150 standing) *4500 Sq Ft *2 Unisex Restrooms *Gas Stove Kitchen *Pipe and Drape *Linens *30 Folding White Chairs *10 Folding tables *Microphone *Projector *Audio Speakers Ipod / Blue Tooth compatible *Rolling racks *Steamer


Public Transportation
Freight Elevators


Hourly rate:
$280 (min. 9 hrs)
Included in the hourly rate



RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. Grant of License. Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive, non-transferable license to temporarily use the Location on the Event Date(s) for the Term specified above. Licensee agrees to vacate the Location, leaving it in broom clean and in good condition, at the end of the Term. Licensee may extend the Event Date(s) subject to the availability of the Location and the approval of Licensor. 2. Condition. Licensee accepts delivery of the Location in its "AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS" condition. Licensor shall have no responsibility for preparing, installing, furnishing or supplying any materials or labor to the Location in any manner for Licensee's occupancy thereof. Licensee shall maintain the nonstructural parts of the interior of the Location in good repair and condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Licensee shall restore and/or repair the Location to the original condition in which it was delivered to Licensee. Licensee agrees to pay for any repair, replacement, cleaning and/or trash collection that is necessary, in Licensor's reasonable discretion, to restore and/or repair the Location to its original condition. Licensee shall pay, upon demand, the cost of any such repair or restoration. After the Term concludes, Licensor will remove the trash collected by Licensee from the Location. 3. Intention of the Parties. Licensee hereby expressly acknowledges that this Agreement is a license agreement, not a lease, and expressly waives any notice to quit, notice to vacate, notice of intent, or any other notices which the law may otherwise require. Licensee also acknowledges that this Agreement conveys no interest of any kind whatsoever in or to the Location other than a mere license to temporarily use and occupy the Location for the Term. The Parties expressly agree that there exists no landlord and tenant relationship hereunder between Licensor and Licensee. 4. Fee, etc. Licensee agrees to pay Licensor the applicable fees associated with the Event selected by Licensee and stated on the Fee Summary, as may be amended from time to time (“Fee”), plus all applicable federal, state and local taxes. Upon execution of this Agreement, Licensee shall pay fifty percent (50%) of the Venue Fee and Expenses. The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Venue Fee and Expenses shall be paid not later than seven (7) days prior to the Event. Licensee hereby authorizes Licensor to charge Licensee’s credit card for any Venue Fee and Expenses due and owing at least seven (7) business days prior to the Event. If Licensee fails to pay, when due and payable, any fees, expenses, or other amounts or charges of any kind or character pursuant to the Agreement, such unpaid amounts shall bear interest at the rate of twenty-four percent (24%) per annum from the date due to the date of payment. Such fees and amounts shall be deemed paid when received by Licensor. 5. Deliveries and Rental Supplies. Equipment and supplies brought to the Event by or on behalf of the Licensee must be removed at the conclusion of the Term. Licensee will be charged $50/hour for storage beginning the following day at 9:00 a.m. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with notification via email. 6. Equipment Use: Licensee will be asked to "check in" and "check out" those items that it has agreed to rent temporarily from the Licensor including, but not limited to, bar stock and barware, and for which Licensee is solely responsible during the rental. Licensee is liable to Licensor for any damaged or missing items, and Licensor shall charge Licensee the current retail price of any such items that are damaged or missing at the time the Licensee checks out. Licensee may only check out in the presence of an authorized representative of Licensor, who shall verify the condition of the rented items and the premises. 7. Security Deposit. In addition to the Fee, Licensee shall deposit with Licensor a security deposit in the amount of $500.00 ("Security Deposit") as security for compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Upon the occurrence of any damage to the Location caused by Licensee and its employees, agents, contractors, invitees, licensees, customers, clients, family members, or guests, Licensor may, in its sole discretion, without prejudice to any other remedy, use and apply the Security Deposit towards any obligations of Licensee hereunder or any damage, injury, expense or liability incurred by Licensor due to such default. After the Event, and provided Licensee has timely vacated the Location on or before the end of the Term and otherwise complies with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Licensor shall return said Security Deposit to Licensee, without interest, less such portion of the Security Deposit as Licensor shall have used to satisfy Licensee's obligations hereunder within fifteen (15) days from the Event. 8. Rules and Regulations. Licensee, its agents, contractors, employees and guests shall comply strictly with this Agreement and the attached Rules and Regulations (Exhibit A), the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference. 9. Security. Licensee shall engage L & J Productions Corp's preferred security service vendor for the Event by entering into a separate written agreement, if a security service is desired. Licensor shall not be held responsible or liable to Licensee for any losses or damages caused by the security service hired by Licensee for its Event. Outside security services will not be permitted at the Event. 10. Insurance. Licensee shall furnish Licensor with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing a $1,000,000 policy for property damage insurance and personal liability insurance naming as (a) Certificate Holders and (b) Additional Insureds under the policy: "L & J Production Corp." Such insurance shall be issued by a company licensed to do business in the state of New York and will have a rating of A-111 or better by Best's Insurance Guide (or a comparable rating under the system of a successor rating service).[Filed by Venue Staff on behalf of Client] 11. Electric Power. Licensee agrees that at all times its use of electric current shall not exceed the capacity of existing leaders or risers or wiring installations at the Location. It is Licensee’s responsibility to inquire with Licensor as to the capacity of existing leaders or risers or wiring installations. Additional electric current requirements shall only be provided by Licensor at Licensor's discretion and at an additional cost to Licensee. 12. Alterations. Licensee shall not make any alterations, installations, changes, replacements, additions, or improvements (structural or otherwise) in or to the Location or any part thereof and shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify Licensor against any mechanics or materialmen’s liens or claims thereof arising by reason of any claim that Licensee has failed to pay for any labor, materials or services performed by or at its direction. 13. No Waste. Licensee shall not commit or authorize to be permitted waste upon the Location. 14. Licensee’s Use of the Location. Licensee agrees to occupy and use the Location for its Event and for no other purpose. Licensee further agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to Licensee's use and occupancy of the Location and with Licensor's reasonable rules and regulations for the building. Licensee shall not do, or permit anything to be done in the Location, or bring or keep anything therein which will, in any way, increase the rate of fire or other insurance maintained on the building by Licensor, or invalidate or conflict with the fire insurance policies on the building or obstruct or interfere with the rights of Licensor. Licensee shall not permit any objectionable or unpleasant odors, smoke, dust, gas, noise or vibrations to emanate from the Location, nor take any other action that would constitute a nuisance or would disturb, interfere with, or endanger Licensor or any tenants or other occupants of the building. Licensee agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of Licensor in effect at the time of execution of this Agreement, as may be amended or modified by Licensor from time to time. Except as otherwise provided herein, Licensee shall be permitted to bring any outside food into the Location for consumption on premises. Additionally, Licensee shall not permit anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol in the Location or anywhere in the building. Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor and its members, employees and agents harmless from and against all such claims. 15. Personal Property. All personal property of Licensee and any of its customers, invitees, guests or patrons in the building and/or Location, shall be at the sole risk of Licensee or such customers, invitees, guests or patrons. Licensee hereby expressly releases Licensor and its members, employees, or agents from any liability incurred or claimed by reason of damage to such property, in addition to its indemnification agreement contained in this Agreement. 16. Liability. In no event shall Licensor assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever with respect to the conduct and operation of the business to be conducted by Licensee in the Location, including any interruption in Licensee’s use of the Location, or any malfunction of the equipment rented or expendables purchased. Neither Licensor nor any of its members, employees or agents shall have any liability for any accident to or injury to any person or persons or property in or about the building or the Location. Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor and its members, employees and agents harmless from and against all such claims. 17. Indemnification. Licensee hereby indemnifies, defends and holds harmless Licensor and its members, agents and employees from any and all liability, damage, expense, cause of action, suits, claims, or judgments arising from injury to person or personal property in the building and Location, by reason of any act, failure to act, or other omission, of Licensee, its designees, agents, contractors, invitees, employees or family members, unless such damage is caused by or due to the gross negligence of Licensor. 18. Licensor's Remedies. It is agreed that if Licensee shall fail to keep and perform any of the covenants, conditions and agreements herein contained on its part to be kept and performed, then, and in each and every such event from thenceforth, and all times thereafter, at the option of Licensor, the right of Licensee to use and possess the Location shall thereupon cease and terminate, and Licensor shall be entitled to the possession of the Location and to re-enter the same without demand of possession of and may forthwith proceed to recover possession of the Location by process of law; any notice to quit, or of intention to re-enter the same being hereby expressly waived by Licensee. In the event of any re-entry by Licensor by process of law or otherwise, Licensee nevertheless agrees to remain answerable for any and all damage or deficiency which Licensor may sustain by such re-entry, including reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs. No provision of this License shall be deemed to have been waived by Licensor unless such waiver shall be in writing, and signed by Licensor. Licensee shall reimburse Licensor for all reasonable legal fees and court costs incurred by Licensor to enforce its rights or remedies under this Agreement. Licensee expressly recognizes that Licensor may incur substantial damages by reason of Licensee’s failure to timely vacate and surrender the Location. 19. Limitation of Licensee's Remedies. In no event shall Licensor be liable for any consequential damages, including without limitation, loss of profits, resulting to Licensee by reason of any interruption or cessation of production or otherwise, for any cause whatsoever, including without limitation for negligence of Licensor, its agents, employees, contractors or guests. Accordingly, Licensee agrees that its sole remedy for any valid claim of Licensee with respect to the above shall be limited to the refund of any location fees or rentals theretofore paid by Licensee to Licensor. Licensee acknowledges that if it wishes to obtain indemnity for any such losses, it shall secure separate insurance coverage at its sole cost and expense. 20. No Right to Sublicense. The License granted Licensee herein shall not be assignable or transferable in any manner without Licensor's prior written consent in its sole and absolute discretion. 21. Right of Entry. Licensor may enter the building and/or Location at any time for any reason to inspect the Location in a manner that does not interfere with the hosting or preparation of an Event. 22. Severability. If any provision(s) of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall attach only to such provision and shall not in any way affect or render invalid or unenforceable any other provision of this Agreement and this Agreement shall be carried out as if such invalid or unenforceable provision were not contained herein. EXHIIBIT A 1. Licensee may not operate or install any permanent or temporary exterior lighting on the outside of the premises, streets, or walkways surrounding the building. 2. The sidewalks, entrance, passages, courts, elevators, stairways, and/or halls shall not be obstructed by any licensee or used for any purpose other than the ingress and egress to and from the premises. Nothing shall be thrown out of doors or down passages of the premises. 3. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, all rates quoted are for a nine (9) hour day. The day shall start and end at times agreed to by the Licensor. Overtime rates are as follows: 6:01 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. = $175/hour; 11:01 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. = $250/hour; 3:01 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. = $350; 4:01 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. = $550. 4. Licensee may only cancel this Agreement by notice in writing. If Licensee elects to do so, Licensee shall be responsible for (1) fifty percent (50%) of the Venue Fee when cancelling four or more weeks before the Event, or one hundred percent (100%) of the Venue Fee when cancelling less than four full weeks before the Event, and (2) 100% of all non-refundable out of pocket expenses incurred on Licensee's behalf by Licensor. 5. Licensor may cancel this Agreement if the Location becomes unavailable and/or inaccessible as a result of a cause or event that is not reasonably foreseeable or otherwise caused by or under the control of the Licensor, including acts of God, fires, floods, explosions, riots, wars, hurricane, sabotage terrorism, vandalism, accident, restraint of government, governmental acts, injunctions, or labor strikes, and other like events that are beyond the reasonable anticipation and control of the Licensor and which events or the effects thereof are not attributable to the Licensor's failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement. 6. Movement of goods in or out of the premises shall only be through entrances and elevators designated for that purpose. No hand trucks, carts, etc., shall be used in the premises unless equipped with rubber tires and side guards. 7. No awnings or other projections shall be attached to the outside walls of the premises without the prior written consent of Licensor. 8. Licensee shall not mark, paint, drill into, or in any way deface any part of the premises, and shall not bore, cut or string any wires. Licensee shall not lay linoleum or other similar floor coverings in direct contact with the floor of the premises. 9. Licensee shall not make, or permit to be made, any unseemly or disturbing noises or disturb or interfere with other licensees of the building, or neighboring premises, or those having businesses in them. 10. Licensee shall not at any time bring or keep upon the premises any flammable, combustible, or explosive fluid, chemical or other substance, or allow any unusual or objectionable odors to be produced upon the premises. 11. All deliveries or removals of freight must take place during the hours that the Licensor may determine. Licensor reserves the right to inspect all freight to be brought into the building and to exclude from the building all freight that violates any of these Rules and Regulations, or any federal or state law, or this Agreement. No props, equipment or materials of any kind may be transported in any elevator in the building other than the freight elevator designed for the same. 12. NO ALCOHOL MAY BE SOLD ON PREMISES. All alcohol sales constitute prohibited canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the premises and are prohibited by law. Licensee shall cooperate to prevent any such activity. 13. All materials and equipment used by Licensee shall comply with all Fire Department rules and regulations. The use of any open flame device, including without limitation, candles, incense burners, torches, or oil or gas lamps, is not permitted on the premises. 14. Licensee shall ensure that any work on or around the premises carried out by the Licensee ("Work") shall be completed in accordance with all applicable New York City Building Codes and Building Rules and Regulations. Licensee shall indemnify Licensor against all claims and liability arising from Work. Licensee agrees that it shall and shall cause any person performing Work for Licensee to abide by the standard practices governing employees and/or contractors of the Licensor and any other rules and regulations applicable to work performed at or around the premises. 15. Any services to Licensee procured by Licensor and provided by third parties shall be billed by Licensor to Licensee and shall include an administrative surcharge of up to 30% on the amount invoiced by the third party. This shall appear as "Concierge Fee." 16. Charges for damages resulting from the Licensee’s violation of any portion of the Agreement, including these Rules and Regulations, will be charged to the credit card on file the next business day after the event. Client will be notified via email of these damages, and the charge will take place thereafter. Licensor does not have to show proof of purchase or third party charge receipts. 17. Licensee shall have two hours before the Event to set up and one hour after the Event to break down. Exceeding these time restrictions will result in an overtime charge decided upon by the Licensor and is non-negotiable. [Included within the Rental Timeblock] 18. A representative of the Licensor shall be present at the Event and may shut down the Event if he/she determines the Licensee is or its guests are in violation of any portion of this Agreement. 19. Licensee shall be responsible for any delay or shutdown of Event by government officials, including but not limited to police, firemen, ambulance, EMT, or city authority. Licensee shall not hold Licensor responsible for Event shutdown or loss of any profit or revenue from said shutdown. Any shutdown or delay of event will not result in a full or partial refund of Licensee’s Fee. 20. Licensee shall provide a copy of the Event's guest list to Licensor at least four (4) business days prior to Event. Licensee shall provide a person(s) to manage the guest list if needed. Security personnel shall not be responsible for guest list management. 21. Licensee and its guests are prohibited from accessing the rooftop. Violation of this rule may result in a fee at the sole discretion of Licensor. 22. Well-mannered pets are permitted at the Event provided they are crated, caged or on a short leash, or otherwise under physically restrictive control at all times. All pets/animals must be current in their rabies vaccinations. Pets must be under owner’s control at all times, may not be left unattended, and should not disturb other guests (barking, non-friendly manner, etc.) Pets must be housebroken – should a pet urinate or empty its bowels on the premises, owners are required to quickly pick up after their pet and properly dispose of its droppings. Licensee shall ensure compliance with the above pet rules. Licensee is responsible for any damages or injuries caused by any pet of Licensee or its employees, representatives, guests or vendors. Licensor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to prohibit any pet from entering the premises. 23. Kegs and confetti [of any kind] are not permitted on the premises. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let us know what specific amenities you need and how you would like the space set up 3 days prior to your booking. All rental times are inclusive of set up and clean up. Space is accessible by elevator (6 at a time) or stairs (8th floor). *Please note private evening events over 50 require security personnel at a rate of $230 + tax. *Please note all events require insurance at a rate of $130 per event. Our normal freight hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm. You may schedule deliveries during these hours, the venue will accept your deliveries on your behalf as long as we are notified.


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8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Reviews (6)

Yes, I would book again.

This event space was the perfect raw space for our pop-up art exhibit and panel discussion. We were really able to transform the space. Guests walked away from the night really impressed with the space. Juan and Laura were great throughout the process!


Yes, I would book again.

The space was great and the accommodations were exactly what we needed for our corporate event!


Yes, I would book again.

We loved working with Juan and Laura! They were very accommodating and helpful. This space is very versatile, and we were happy with the amount of freedom we had to set it up as we wanted.


Yes, I would book again.

Great venue. Very accommodating staff


Yes, I would book again.

WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS how truly wonderful it is to work with these truly wonderful people. After a last minute cancellation (through peerspace!), these heroes jumped in just 3 days before the event to save the party. Not only were they incredibly responsive and professional, but went far above the call of duty and were incredibly helpful and gracious. And not only does the space include the services of their resident event manager, but Juan is by far one of the most delightful people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. For instance, Juan emailed me to let me know when the equipment deliveries would arrive and that he'd be there to handle it before I could even ask if it was okay for it to be delivered in the first place. Twice! AND, he handled the equipment pickup on his own, and even handled a heated discrepancy with a hostile moving company without even getting me involved...! I could go on and on, but believe me: you will not regret booking this venue and working with these absolutely wonderful people. And Juan, thanks again for everything.


Yes, I would book again.

Good Good GOod