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Yes, I would host them again.

"Thanks again!"

No, I would not host them again.

"This was one of the weirdest bookings. The communication was just...unusual. The woman that Eric brought with mostly glared at myself and my fiancee (we're both people of color) and she became obsessed with a fly that must have flown in when they walked in. She kept bugging (pun) for a fly swatter, then bug spray. I brought the bug spray out and she began spraying in a circle like she was being personally attacked. It overboard that I nearly laughed. I was apologetic, genuinely thinking something was wrong. After that, she picked up a reflector and began exaggeratingly waving it and I overheard her talking about an 'infestation'. She texted me yet again asking me to spray and I say that I want to come out and check on things, because we've never had a problem with bugs and never had any complaints. So I search high and low and then I find it! A FLY. AS IN ONE FLY. This one fly disrupted their entire production, resulting in a stream of text messages, frantic reflector wavings and endless consternation. I look at them funny and say "There's one fly...This isn't exactly the swarm you made it out to be". ...then they insist there were actually THREE flies, but the other two left. The 'infestation' was so bad that they asked to extend their time, which I declined. My home is beyond immaculate and we do not have a bug infestation. I am unsure what the motive was behind the silly behavior, however I would not welcome them back."

Yes, I would host them again.

"great people and very professional "