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Yes, I would host them again.

"Awesome guest! Professional! "

Yes, I would host them again.

"It was great very respectful would love to host again"

Yes, I would host them again.

"Great. Thank you 👍"

No, I would not host them again.

"BE FOREWARNED: Athan was wonderful to communicate with beforehand, but his crew was absolutely disrespectful to us and our place. They stole food from our kitchen, refused to remove their shoes when walking on a $600 rug when asked (leaving dirty footprints behind) and then began recording multiple takes of two actors screaming at the top of their lungs. Security footage of the last two takes (the final take was an almost fifteen second long scream) are at The audio isn’t great on our security cameras, but it was LOUD - unbelievably loud. We are in a quiet community of working professionals and business owners and their antics resulted in numerous noise complaints being filed against us, as well as the police getting called and nearly breaking down our door. Luckily the management texted me first and I showed them the footage, or else we could have been arrested. It was intense. When I mentioned this to Athan, his response was to tell me that “there’s audio in video” and unapologetically telling me that “it’s a line in the script, Deacon”. It was unfortunate, to say the least."

Yes, I would host them again.

"Good guest! followed all rules, good communication. would host again! "