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No, I would not host them again.

"Forced review by peerspace: The DJ sound at this event was so loud and harsh I couldn’t even stay in the building. Well beyond the threshold of pain, by far the loudest indoor sound level in my experience. And I’m a sound guy! I was worried about the dozen or so little kids, at least 3 babies & 4 toddlers. The adults could leave,many did, but the kids had no choice. My SPL meter maxed out when I measured the sound level. For every 5 decibels the noise level increases over 85, safe listening time decreases by half. For 90 db,4 hours. This dj was over 125 db for 6 hours. Safe listening time, about 1.5 minutes. I blame my own cowardice for not shutting down this dj. Best I could do was alert Patricia, to no effect. This was not a host/guest dispute, but a real moral & safety issue concerning a threat to children’s health. Also a woman was roller-skating in the loft & the grooves she was carving on the old pine floors were kind of upsetting. Then of course the traditional glitter debate at the end of load-out. Me:“You promised no glitter.” "Look it’s easy, I can get it with this broom.” (demonstrates non-effective sweeping) etc. So, between the sound & roller skating & glitter, I sensed a bad review coming. Yesterday Patricia told me she wished that I had not been there, so now it’s definite. But I had to say something- and run the elevator! People should have fun, but this party crossed the line. "